The All Time Backpack Hunting Gear List

Going hunting is easier said than done. A beginner should know that packing their hunting backpack randomly is not the right thing to do. For a hunter, being light and being prepared is important. Forgetting gear can immensely hamper an expedition. Knowing where and how to prepare is important. Below is a backpack hunting gear list that is suited to most conditions and terrains. The following list is made according to different important points in an expedition. One may easily add and exclude items to keep it light and “need” based.

All Time Backpack Hunting Gear List

All Time Backpack Hunting Gear List

First and Foremost

  • Hunting Backpack: This is the top item on the gear list. Since this will carry almost all your gear, you should select your hunting backpack carefully. For a big hunting trip a small hunting backpack won’t do, and for a little hunting trip a full-sized hunting backpack is unnecessary. Moreover, many hunting packs come with various additional features and accessory fitting capabilities. Choosing your options is greatly beneficial. Check out The Top Hunting Backpack Reviews and Things to Consider Before Buying a Hunting Backpack.
  • Hunting Permit: A hunting license is a must and varies according to state and country laws.
  • Electronic Game Call: If you love hunting, an electronic game call is a must. It’s one excellent instrument that most hunters use to draw their game out easily. Check out The Best Electronic Game Call Reviews to discover a few things you need to know before selecting an electronic game call.
  • Hunting Knife: A hunter should always have a good sized, user-friendly and good quality hunting knife. There are different types of hunting knives available on the market. Some hunters prefer fixed blade hunting knives while others prefer folding blade hunting knives. Before you buy any hunting knife, you should consider your options.
  • Hunting Rifle: Choosing the right rifle matters a lot since this is the primary weapon. You must also make sure that the weapon to be used is perfectly serviced. For this reason, before you go out to buy a hunting rifle, you must be aware of what you are exactly after. Otherwise, you could waste your money buying something that doesn’t meet your needs. So, we wrote The Best Hunting Rifle Reviews with Buying Guide.
  • Rifle Sling: Sometimes hunting backpacks come with a gun scabbard which is a useful alternative to this extra equipment.
  • Ammunition
  • Game Bags
  • Flashlight

Recon and Navigation

Backpack Hunting Gear List

Food and Drink

  • Water Bag/Bottle: Don’t forget this. Many hunting backpacks provide space for carrying a hydration bladder. This has multiple benefits over carrying water bottles. In places where the temperature may get very low, a hydration bladder can keep the water warm (mostly because it is located near the user’s back and receives body warmth).
  • Energy Bars: It’s a good idea to take a few energy bars or a little extra food when you go hunting.
  • Bring a small amount of utensils like a frying pan, cup, plate.


  • Outer Clothing– This should be according to the environment. The outerwear must be warm and multi-layered allowing it to be both waterproof and maintain the wearer’s body temperature. To keep the backpack light and effective, try not to pack more than one identical items (unless it is necessary) or items that might serve the same purpose. While combining clothing, try to make the lightest combinations. PVC or polypropylene tops and pants are a good choice. It does not matter what color a hunter wears since it has been proven that game becomes aware of movement more than the real color of the surroundings.
  • For inner garments, it is the wearer’s choice and may include underpants and shorts.
  • Other options may include:
    • Socks
    • Hunting Boots
    • Gloves


These items should include:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Soap and toilet paper
  • Small towel

Sleeping and Camping

  • Sleeping Bag: A good sleeping bag isn’t just for comfort; it can also help to save your life. So, if you’re going for a multi-day hunting trip, buy a good sleeping bag.
  • Tent: This is one of the most important items when backpacking. If you are new at hunting, please see How to Live in a Tent and How to Choose a Tent.

Safety, Personal Care and Extra Accessories

A First-Aid kit is one of the most important accessories needed for an expedition. It can be a lifesaver at times. But one should add the necessary items to the kit, which are decided according to the environment. For example, if one is going hunting in a rocky terrain, they should carry appropriate bandages and pain relief creams. Please see How to Make a First Aid Kit for Camping.

Other Things to Include

  • Extra batteries.
  • Survival Kit: A package of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance as an aid to survival in an emergency. These must include accessories like a survival knife, lighters, extra matches, etc. You can Make a Survival Kit on your own. Watch DIY Survival Kit on YouTube.
  • Duct tape.

The above backpack hunting gear list provides an idea of the gear and accessories that one needs to carry. If the hunting backpack is chosen accordingly, one can easily carry all the necessary gear without additional weight. The list can be added and subtracted to according to one’s situation. This backpack hunting gear list helps one easily decide on the best hunting backpack they might need and also remind them to double check their hunting gear list.

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