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Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Pack Review

In the hunting world, there is no substitute for a good hunting backpack. Not only does a good hunting pack make the entire hunting process more comfortable, but it also has the ability to increase the likelihood of your hunting trip being successful. There are numerous brands of hunting backpacks on the market that are noted for their durability and the great features that they come with, and one such brand is the Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Pack. In the Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Pack review below, which focuses on the major features of the TZ 4000, its PROS and CONS and customer FAQs,  we will see why many a hunter and outdoor enthusiast includes this pack in their lists of the most reliable hunting backpacks on the market.

Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Pack with Detail Features

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Rain Cover

Pack comes with an integral rain cover which is packed away in its own designated pocket. The rain cover, which is solid and hundred percent waterproof, is big enough to cover the whole backpack and keep it and its contents dry during a heavy downpour. When not in use, the rain cover does not get in the way of your equipment or gear since it is housed in its own designated compartment.

Configurable Into 3 Sizes

One of the highlights of the TZ 4000 is its unique ability to be configured into 3 different sizes with very simple adjustments. When packed-in or compact, the pack provides you with 2,500 cubic inches of space. If you require more space, you can easily open the pack’s expanding side compartments to get an additional 300 cubic inches of space. Opening up the central meat compartment gives you 1,400 cubic inches of space to haul out your precious meat.

Rigid Internal Aluminum Frame Stays

The TZ 4000 comes with two fluted, rigid internal aluminum frame stays that are neatly hidden inside the backpack. The internal aluminum frames exist mainly to transfer the weight of the load in the pack to the wearer’s hips. This prevents the weight of the load from being carried solely by the wearer’s back and shoulders, which are not as strong as the hips.

Adjustable Torso Suspension

The pack comes with a very effective adjustable suspension that allows the wearer to easily fine-tune the fit of the pack so that it perfectly matches his or her torso size for easy weight bearing and to ensure comfort.

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Comfort-Enhancing Features

In addition to its adjustable torso suspension, the pack comes with other comfort-enhancing features such as a well-padded hip support and a channeled, air-cooled back pad. The well-padded hip support enhances the comfort of the wearer by significantly reducing the pressure from the load in the backpack whereas the channeled, air-cooled back pad allows air to travel between the back panel and wearer’s back in order to keep the place cool and the wearer free of perspiration.

Breathable Meat Compartment

Another neat feature of the TZ 4000 is its expandable, breathable meat compartment, which allows you to conveniently and safely pack out as much meat as you can. In addition to being perfectly capable of allowing you to carry your trophy (meat), the meat compartment also prevents your meat from going bad in the field thanks to its breathable nature that allows cool air to circulate inside the compartment.

Foldout Gun and Bow Carrying Boot

Another notable feature of the TZ 4000 is its smart, foldout, gun and bow carrying boot that can securely and conveniently store your gun or bow, keeping your hands free to be used for other important activities.

Compression Straps That Secure Load

The TZ 4000 has a total of four vertical compression straps and five horizontal compression straps whose primary goal is to secure the load the pack carries. These compression straps not only effectively compress and hold the gear in place but also stabilize it, thereby preventing the much dreaded backpack sway.

H2O Compatible

The pack comes with an H20 reservoir pocket that can contain about 3 liters of water. This of course allows you to easily carry sufficient water for your hunting trip or any other outdoor activity you are engaging in.

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  • It is both lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • It is versatile and a multi-purpose pack.
  • The pack distributes weight perfectly to the hips, thereby reducing the load’s pressure on your shoulders and back.
  • It is easily adjustable and very comfortable to wear.
  • Hip belt pockets are very roomy.
  • Rain cover does an excellent job protecting both the backpack and gear during a heavy downpour.
  • It has lots of rooms and therefore has the capacity to securely hold a ton of things.
  • It is well-designed and constructed.


  • The water bottle pockets are not big enough and can sometimes become practically useless if the wearer completely fills up the side pockets that they are attached to.

Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Pack Presentation Video


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the TZ 4000?

A. The backpack is manufactured by Tenzing Outdoors, a company renowned for manufacturing quality outdoor gear and apparel for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Q. What colors can I buy the backpack in?

A. You can get the TZ 4000 in Realtree Max Xtra, Realtree Max-1 and Loden Green.

Q. What is the total weight of the pack?

A. The pack has a total weight of 7 lb 6 oz.

Q. Is the pack waterproof?

A. The TZ 4000 itself isn’t waterproof but it does come with an excellent fold out rain cover which has the ability to protect the pack and its content from water.

Q. Is the pack hydration compatible?

A. It absolutely is! It has the ability to contain about 3 liters of water.

Q. Does the TZ 4000 have a meat compartment?

A. Yes it does have a breathable meat compartment that prevents any meat stored inside from quickly going bad.

Q. I am a tall person. Will the pack fit me?

A. Thanks to the easily adjustable nature of the pack’s torso suspension, there is a high probability that the pack can be adjusted to fit you regardless of your height and size.

Q. How many compartments and pockets does the pack have?

A. The TZ 4000 has approximately 21 pockets and compartments, which makes it easier storing and organizing your gear.

Q. Can I strap my sleeping bag to the pack?

A. Thanks to the multiple attachments points and straps that the pack comes with, you can easily strap a sleeping bag to the pack.

Final Verdict

From the detailed review above, it is clear that the Tenzing TZ 4000 is not only a very comfortable hunting backpack but is also one that is equipped with lots of important features that the average hunter or outdoor enthusiast will find very useful when he or she is out on the field.

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