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Crosman Benjamin Discovery PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle Review

If you are looking for a single shot rifle that has easy to refill pressure, does not require much assemble and has all the necessary safety features, this is the perfect rifle for you. The Crosman Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle and Pump is a simple and short rifle that can be used by both right and left handed users. It has a long handle and is lightweight to take on any hunting session. In this Benjamin Discovery Review, we will be looking at its features, the benefits of using the rifle, any setbacks and also common questions posed by customers.

Crosman Benjamin Discovery PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle Review

Crosman Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle and Pump

Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Rifle with Gauge

In the past it was not easy to purchase a rifle that you could add pressure to on your own. The Benjamin Discovery is a .22 caliber that allows you to use a scuba pump or a Benjamin pump. You can fill up the rifle’s 2000 psi tank with this pump. What I like about this PCP rifle is the fact that it has an easy to read gauge at the bottom of the rifle. Another plus is that it can read both the CO2 and compressed air levels, which you will see clearly labelled. The green zones in between indicate that you are pumped and ready to go while the 2 red zones on either side indicate if the tank is full or empty.

Easy to Use Quick Fill Adapter & Pump (Optional)

In order to pump, the rifle has a quick fill adapter on the nozzle end of the rifle. This is where the pump is usually connected to do its magic. When pumping the rifle tank, it is advised that you pump slowly and it takes an average of 50 pumps if empty. Once you pump, you can get a velocity of up to 900 feet per second, which means you can shoot fast and far. With each full tank, you can get up to 25 shots before you have to refill. After filling the tank, release the valve sharply before disconnecting the pump.

Dual Fuel Capability

What is great about the Benjamin Discovery is that you can use 2 types of pump fuel. You can use CO2 (or carbon dioxide) or you can use regular compressed air. It is possible to purchase gas canisters of both types of fuel; it is up to the rifle owner to choose the one they prefer. It is important that you use one type of fuel at a time and avoid mixing, because mixing the two can be dangerous. You can use a valve to empty the fuel you are currently using and use a fresh canister to pump.

Multiple Safety Features

When I purchased the Benjamin Discovery, I had to ensure that it had the necessary safety features. One of them is, of course, the safety lock located near the rifle. One simple click and you are either hot or safe. Another safety feature is the bolt handle which is what allows you to load and use a crossbow mechanism to enhance safety. There is also the valve cap, a plastic black cap that protects the quick fill adapter. If there is one safety precaution you must adhere to, it is to ensure that dirt does not enter the nozzle. Therefore, I always make sure that I have the cap on after each refill.

Hardwood Stock & Fiber Barrel

One of the great features about the Benjamin Discovery is the rifle stock which is made of some kind of hardwood. The nice finish gives it a rugged look which is great for carrying out to the hunting grounds. The rifle grip is also quite long and offers comfortable usage for the hunter. The front and rear sight are both fiber optic. The butt is also well designed for a nice rounded out finish for your rifle stock. The design is ambidextrous which means that both left and right handed people can use the Discovery.

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  • Dual fuel that lets you work with the canisters you have.
  • Safety feature to avoid accidental shots.
  • Pre-charged PCP capabilities that let you fill up you rifle from home.
  • Nice hardwood design for any hunt.
  • Has an option to attach a rifle scope for precise shooting.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Simple setup that requires little assembly.
  • Gauge for monitoring your air levels.


  • Very basic trigger, but effective nonetheless.
  • The packaging needs to be more effective to keep the gun from moving around.
  • You have to spend more on the pellets, rifle scope, canister and adapter.
  • Can be quite loud, but muzzle breakers can help with that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I get a Benjamin Discovery with a rifle scope?

A: No, you have to purchase the scope separately and mount it yourself. Check out this article to learn about top rifle scopes: Best Rifle Scopes Reviews and Buying Guide.

Q: How do I stop the valve from leaking when I pump?

A: Tighten it while pumping, and then loosen it when done before removing the pump. 

Final Verdict

In this Benjamin Discovery PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle Review one thing stands out, and that is the fact that you can now pump your own rifle. It can be handled well no matter the user’s strength, as long as it is done slowly and deliberately. If you are doing some target training or hunting pests or small animals, I recommend the Benjamin Discovery. You can dry shoot with this PCP rifle or use pellets. The downside is all the additional accessories that must be purchased.

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