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Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath Review

Using the wrong knife to skin game will not only make the job very long and difficult but it will also make it very messy. This is why it is imperative that the right skinning knife be used for skinning game all the time. There are a number of knives out there capable of excellently skinning game, and one such skinning knife is the Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife.

With a 4-inch blade, a narrow tip and a curved belly, the 0103 Skinner makes the task of skinning and slicing game easier than most hunting knives on the market. In this Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath review we shall take a look at some of the important attributes of this knife that make it a favorite among many a hunter.

Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath with Detail Features

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Strong 420HC Steeled Blade

The 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife has a blade which is excellent at resisting corrosion thanks to the fact that it is made of 420HC steel. In addition to helping the blade resist corrosion, the blade’s 420HC steel construction also gives it its durability and ability to retain its edge for a long period of time.

Solid Leather Sheath for Protection and Optimal Carriage

The 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade comes with a leather sheath, which protects the knife and makes carrying it safer and very comfortable. One of the highlights of this leather sheath is its excellent belt loop, which allows you to conveniently carry the sheath on your belt. What even makes the belt loop the more excellent is its ability to accommodate wide belts.

Black Phenolic Handle

The 0103 Skinner has a black phenolic handle that comes with an aluminum pommel/guard. The phenolic handle not only enhances the appearance of the knife but also ensures good gripping during all skinning and cutting tasks.

Ability to retain Razor Sharp Edge for Long

Another feature of the 0103 Skinner that is worthy of praise is its razor sharp edge. Unlike some other skinning knives on the market that easily become dull, the 0103 Skinner has the ability to hold its edge throughout the skinning process of an animal. Even when skinning thick-skinned animals, the 0103 Skinner has the ability to make it through the job without becoming dull. There is nothing as frustrating as a knife that suddenly becomes dull in the middle of dressing the carcass of an animal. With the 0103 Skinner, the likelihood of something like this happening is very minimal.

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  • It comes sharp and ready to be used right out of the case.
  • It provides the user with a comfortable grip during all cutting tasks.
  • The edge stays razor sharp for a long time.
  • It is lightweight and very easy to move about with.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is durable and corrosion resistant.
  • It comes with a leather sheath that not only protects it but makes carrying it very comfortable.
  • The craftsmanship is excellent.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Sharpening the blade without professional help or experience can sometimes be challenging.

Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife?

A. The knife is manufactured by Buck Knives, which is one of the premium knife manufacturing companies in the United States. Buck Knives has been in the knife making business for over a hundred years!

Q. Does the knife come with a warranty?

A. Yes it does! All knives from Buck Knives come with Buck’s iconic Forever Warranty, which is such that for the entire lifespan of the product, Bucks Knives is ever-ready to repair or replace the product should it develop a manufacturing related problem.

Q. In which country is the 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife made?

A. The knife is made in the United States.

Q. How many colors can I purchase the knife in?

A. You can purchase the knife in two colors, namely black/sliver and wood/brass.

Q. What is the weight of the knife?

A. The 0103 Skinner weighs approximately 122 g. (4.3 oz.).

Q. What is the blade’s length?

A. The length of the blade is approximately 10.2 cm (4 inches).

Q. What is the knife’s overall length?

A. It has an overall length of 20.9 cm (8 1/4 inches).

Q. What is the knife’s carrying system?

A. Its carry system is a nice black leather sheath.

Q. What material is used for the blade?

A. The blade of this knife is made of 420HC steel.

Q. How wide is the blade?

A. The blade is 4 inches wide.

Q. Is it a folding knife?

A. No it is not. It is a fixed blade knife.

Q. Does the knife’s sheath have a belt loop?

A. Yes, the sheath has a belt look which can accommodate a wide belt.

Q. Can the knife be used for other tasks besides skinning?

A. Yes.

Q. Can Buck Knives help me sharpen the knife when the blade becomes dull?

A. Yes. Buck Knives can help you sharpen the 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade and bring the factory edge back on. However, the company will charge you for the sharpening services.

Q. What is the best way to go about caring for the 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife?

A. If you want to make the knife last very long and perform at its best all the time, then you should take the following simple care instructions seriously:

  • You should frequently clean the knife – especially after using it.
  • Buck Knives does not advise customers to put the knife in liquid. However, if you do put the knife in liquid, you should make sure that you dry it thoroughly.
  • After you have finished cleaning the knife, it is important that you oil it – especially the blade. Oiling the knife significantly reduces the risk of the knife becoming rusty.

Following the simple care instructions above will play a significant role in making the 0103 Skinner last longer and perform at its best all the time.

Final Verdict

Skinning animals is not only about having the right skill, but it is also about having the right knives. A good skinning knife should among other things be tough, durable and must have a razor sharp blade that can hold its edge for a long time. And from the review above, it is abundantly clear that the 0103 Skinner comes with all these great qualities. It is therefore no wonder why the 0103 Skinner is widely regarded as one of the most capable skinning knives you can get on the market. If used and maintained very well, the 0103 Skinner can accompany you for ages.

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