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Hunting Gear is on track to be one of the largest hunting resource websites in the world.

Primary Focus

We are passionate about reviewing hunting products. We cater to a targeted audience that needs independent advice before purchasing:

Growing Demand For Survival Hunting Gear

The number of new hunting equipment is growing exponentially. Hunters, campers, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts need practical tools to thrive in the wilderness.

The hunting world sure is diverse and so is Hunting Gear’s range of articles. We cater to a range of people interested in buying new and upcoming gear such as:

The Hunting Gear Audience

Whether you are an existing manufacturer or you are launching a new product or service to the hunting and survival market, you will benefit from an extended reach to an engaged audience ready to buy.

Most of our audience is based in the United States and Canada. Due to the flexibility of hunting and survival gear, there is demand across the seasons.

The Hunting Gear Team can provide specific demographic and geographic breakdowns on request.

Supporting New Hunting and Survival Technology

The Hunting Gear Team is a keen supporter of new technologies that improve the outdoors experience and we want to provide the best quality, independent reviews for our audience.

We have a range of writers who are happy to test your products and incorporate your technical specifications, photos, and videos into our product reviews – where they are helpful to our readers.

Guest Posts on Hunting Gear

We welcome guest posts where they are of interest to our audience, and provide detailed, fact based product information.

To gain approval for publication on, submitted articles must be:

  • Relevant to our readers
  • At least 1,000 words long
  • Include product or service specifications
  • Include advice on product maintenance
  • Include advice on useful accessories

This level of detail helps our audience to better understand the featured product or service.

Guest Posts on

New Hunting Gear guest posts will be featured at the top of the relevant category for one month and then maintained on the website at the Editor’s discretion. The guest post is also cross-promoted on the home page and on social media for one month.

The guest post must be a minimum of 1,000 words, the content needs to be relevant to our readers, and it needs to provide useful information.

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