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Zippo Hand Warmer Review

Venturing on a hunting expedition on cold days without a hand warmer can really be a bad idea since it can sometimes not only determine how successful your hunt is but can also be a life saver. Knowing how important the need to keep the hands warm during cold temperatures can be, a number of companies have over the years manufactured portable hand warmers that do great jobs warming cold hands, and one such good hand warmer is the Zippo Hand Warmer from the American-based company Zippo Manufacturing Company. With this hand warmer, which fits perfectly into most pockets, a hunter’s comfort is massively enhanced during a cold winter’s hunt. But what really makes the Zippo Hand Warmer different from many other hand warmers on the market?

Zippo Hand Warmer with Detail Features

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The Zippo Hand Warmer comes equipped with many useful features that can sometimes be hard to find in other brands of hand warmers. Some of these features include the following:

Longer Period of Heat Generation

This hand warmer can generate heat that can last up to 12 hours, which means you can stay out longer on those cold hunting trips.


Unlike some other hand warmers out there that provide warmth by producing flames, this 12-hour hand warmer doesn’t do so. The Zippo’s catalytic burner provides warmth by producing flameless heat, and this makes it very safe to use in any condition.


In addition to producing heat that is flameless, the Zippo also produces no odor.  Why is this feature important? It is important in the sense that odor will easily give your position away to the animals that you are hunting, thereby increasing the likelihood of your hunting expedition becoming a failure. The last thing you want to do as a hunter is to be moving around advertising yourself to game.

Easily Refillable

The Zippo comes with an easy fill technology that not only allows for easy refilling but also drastically reduces spillage during the refilling process thanks to an improved fill cup.


In addition to all the important features mentioned above, the Zippo is also a very rugged and durable device thanks to its metal construction. As a result of its highly durable nature, it can last for years.

Zippo Hand Warmer Presentation Video


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Final Verdict

All in all, this hand warmer, which is available in a variety of colors and comes with a Fill Cup and a Warming Bag, is one of the most useful hand warmers out there. Besides being very good for cold hunting trips, it is also perfect for all outdoor cold weather activities.

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