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Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Review

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There are many different types and brands of backpacks available in the market. While all these bags will be promoted as the best choice, not all products have their purported benefits. Nonetheless, there are top quality backpacks and finding them only requires careful evaluation of their features and benefits. Below is a detailed Badlands Sacrifice backpack review. It is one of the most popular backpacks and comes with various trademark features from Badlands as well as unique enhancements that are meant to improve longevity and comfort.

Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Review with Detail Features

Badlands Sacrifice Backpack

Ultra-light Backpack

Although the Badlands Sacrifice backpack is made for the toughest hardcore back-country hunters, it is incredibly lightweight. This backpack only weighs 3 pounds 8 ounces and is very convenient to carry around. Most backpacks available in the market feature heavy leather that adds extra weight, making them difficult to move around with. It is renowned as the lightest multi-day pack.

Hybrid Suspension

Advancements in manufacturing technology have resulted in comfortable bags with effective suspensions to prevent exhaustion and back injuries. The Badlands Sacrifice backpack features a hybrid hyper vent suspension that is designed to keep the pack off your back. This makes it convenient and comfortable to carry around even with load. The suspension is also comfortable and very durable, just like the rest of the pack. What’s more, this suspension is adjustable and can be set to the most comfortable position to allow effortless and unrestrained movement.

Multiple Pockets and Compartments

One popular characteristic the Badlands Sacrifice backpack is known for is its large pockets and compartments. This pack has 7 different pockets that make packing and distinguishing packed items easy. If you are embarking on an adventure, you do not have to unpack everything since items that are required more often can be safely placed in different easy-to-reach pockets. The pack also has 2 compartments and the top pockets are adjustable to accommodate oversized loads. The pack can carry many items and has 3450 cubic inches of space.

Safety Straps

Although this may seem like a minor feature in the backpack, it plays a very important role. The pack has a couple of safety straps to secure the back pockets and keep the pack tightly together. The advantage of these straps is that they prevent the packed items from losing their shape or becoming disorganized. The straps simply hold things tightly inside and also prevent looseness that may result in increased weight. They also prevent items packed in the outer pockets from pulling the pack outward.

Lifetime Warranty

This is not a physical feature but rather a provisional feature. Badlands promises to repair all their backpacks at no additional cost. Their warranty officially states that they will fix your pack for free forever. They don’t even care whether you bought the bag at a second hand store. As a matter of fact, it states that if they cannot fix the bag, they will replace it with another one. However, you probably will not need the repair services, as the backpack is one of the strongest and toughest in the market.

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  • Tough lightweight design that is convenient to carry.
  • Sufficient packing space and pocket.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Durable and comes with lifetime warranty.


  • The pack is neither dust proof nor waterproof.
  • The aesthetic appeal can quickly diminish with constant use.

Badlands Sacrifice Backpack  Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Are there any licensed distributors or must I buy from the manufacturers?

A: You can purchase from any licensed retailer including stores like Amazon.

Q: Does the warranty include all repairs?

 A: Yes, Badlands offers free repairs as long as the pack is a genuine product.

Final Verdict

Any Badlands Sacrifice backpack review will provide many advantages, and hunters highly recommend this pack. This is mainly because the pack offers most things that adventure enthusiasts need. It is also very strong, light, comfortable and of course one of the best hunting backpacks. Remember, it’s important to purchase this pack from credible retailers who are licensed because the warranty is only valid for genuine Bandlands backpacks.

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