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Buck Knives 0141VP PackLite Field Master Knife Kit Review

Every avid hunter knows how important it is to be armed with good knives during a hunting trip. A good hunting knife should not only help you easily skin and cut up game but should also be durable, lightweight and very convenient to carry around.

The Buck Knives 0141VP PackLite Field Master Knife Kit with Skinner, Caper and Guthook Blades and a Combo Sheathcomes with some of the most durable and reliable hunting knives on the market.  The kit contains three different knives: the Caper, a scaping knife designed purposely for preparing game for mounting; the Skinner, a heavy-duty knife purposely designed to make skinning game easier and faster; and the Guthook which excels at field dressing game.

In this post we shall take a look at the things that make these knives some of the best hunting knives on the market.

Buck Knives 0141VP PackLite Field Master Knife Kit with Detail Features

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Made of 420HC Stainless Steel

The knives are made of 420HC steel. Anyone who knows this type of steel knows how extremely strong and reliable they make bladed tools, and the Buck knives are no exception. Thanks to the 420HC steel used in making them, these knives are very durable, strong and highly corrosion-resistant.

Good Edge Retention

One of the features of the knives that endear them the most to hunters is the fact that they have the ability to retain a keen edge even after being used for heavy duty cutting tasks such as skinning an animal. A lot of knives do not have the ability to hold an edge after undergoing rigorous cutting tasks but not the Buck knives.

Advanced Edge2xTM Technology

The knives feature Buck’s famous advanced Edge2xTM Technology which gives these knives extremely sharp, thin and strong blades.

Multifunctional Durable Heavy-duty Black Nylon Sheath

The knives come with a very durable nylon sheath that conveniently carries all three knives. This tough and strong nylon sheath is very important to both the hunter and the knives since it not only helps the hunter carry the knives around conveniently and safely but it also immensely protects the knives against being exposed to the elements, thereby increasing the performance and lifespan of the knives. On top of that, the nylon sheath allows the hunter easy and quick access to the knives whenever he or she needs them. In addition to protecting and allowing for optimum carriage of the knives, the nylon sheath also comes with the following useful features:

  • The sheath has removable liners, which make it very easy for one to clean and de-scent the sheath whenever the need arises.
  •  The sheath comes with zipper pockets, which are good for carrying tags or any other important item.
  •  The sheath also comes with an adjustable belt strap, which is located at its back. The belt strap makes it very easy and comfortable to move around with all three knives.

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  • The knives are very durable and compact, which makes them very good to be used in the field.
  • The knives are very sharp and hold their edge longer than most brands of knives do.
  • They are very easy to clean.
  • They are lightweight.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • They come with very high quality steel.
  • When it comes to dressing and butchering big game in the field, the knives do a brilliant job.
  • The finish on the handles provides the user with a good grip.
  • The knives come in a nylon sheath that has an adjustable belt strap which allows for convenient carriage.


  • The nylon sheath needs to be worked on since the knives tend to move around a bit in them and can easily fall out if great care is not taken.
  • Some people find the small nature of the knives a little bit awkward to use in the field.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the PackLite Field Master?

A. The knives are manufactured by Buck Knives, which is one of America’s most renowned knife manufacturers. Buck Knives has been in the business of manufacturing high quality sport and field knives for over a century now.

Q. Does the product come with a warranty?

A. Absolutely! When you purchase a knife from Buck Knives, you get to enjoy Buck’s legendary lifetime warranty, which means that throughout the lifespan of the knife, if it develops a manufacturing-related problem, Buck will either repair or replace the knife for you. The warranty however, does not cover normal wear and tear or mishandling from your end.

Q. What colors do the knives come in?

A. The knives come in the following colors: stainless, orange, black and black/camo.

Q. How much does the product weigh?

A. Together, the knives weigh approximately 341.6 g (12 oz.).

Q. Where are the knives made?

A. The knives are made in the USA.

Q. What is the carry system?

A. The carry system is a Black heavy duty nylon sheath.

Q. Do the manufacturers provide a sharpening service for sharpening of the knives?

A. Yes! Buck Knives provides its customers with a good sharpening service at a charge. All knives that Buck Knives sharpens through their sharpening services get the factory edge back on.

Q. How do I care for the knives?

A. Here are some of the most important care instructions for the knives:

  • Make sure you regularly clean the entire knife, not only the blade. In cleaning the knife, pay particular attention to places such as its pivot points and its locking devices.
  • It is not advisable to place the knife in liquid. However, if you do this, it is imperative that you dry it very well.
  • After cleaning the knife, you should oil or lubricate it. In lubricating, pay special attention to the blade and pivot points. Doing this will not only avoid sticky residues from gathering on the knife but will also prevent it from developing rusts.
  • Always store your knife in an environment that is dry.

Following the tips above will increase the lifespan of your knife and keep it performing at its best all the time.

Final Verdict

The Buck Knives 0141VP PackLite Field Master Knife Kit review above shows that not only are these knives  high-quality and great for getting meat field dressed but they also contain other very useful features that can easily make them a fine choice in any avid hunter’s collection. In addition to all the brilliant features that these knives offer, they also come with a lifetime warranty, which many consider the icing on the cake.

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