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Hunting With Confidence: Top Safety Tips for Every Hunter

Hunting Safety-gun safety for women

Hunting can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, allowing hunters to connect with nature and test their skills. However, it also involves certain risks that hunters should not take lightly. Every year, accidents occur while hunting, some even resulting in death. However, if hunters follow the proper safety procedures, they can prevent many of these … Read more

Youth Hunting: A Smart Parent’s Guide to Safely Hunting with Kids

Family Duck Hunting - Bass Pro

It’s a pivotal time for the sport of hunting, especially among America’s youth. Due to urbanization, endless activities for children, and the constant humming draw of electronics, kids are getting less exposure to the outdoors and showing even less interest in hunting. Sadly, hunting has become a dying sport – and yet you can do … Read more

Spend Family Time in the Great Outdoors

Family Time in the Great Outdoors

Getting your family involved in outdoor activities has many benefits from boosting mental health to staying active and fit. Spending time outdoors also helps elevate our mood, regulates sleep habits, and provides important bonding time for the entire family. But these days, it can be challenging to get kids away from their cell phones and … Read more

Top Hunting Crossbows – The Ultimate Crossbow Buying Guide

Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews

Are you looking to purchase a crossbow for hunting purposes? If you are, this post is here to guide you safely through the entire process. Below we have a fine list of concise and unbiased reviews of some of the best hunting crossbows currently available on the market to help you make a well educated … Read more

Hunting Jacket Guide

As a hunter, even if you equipped yourself with all the hunting equipment in the world and failed to include a good hunting jacket, you gear is considered incomplete simply because you have left out one of the most essential hunting clothing item. Simply put, you do yourself a great disservice venturing on a hunting … Read more

Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack – Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible Review

The Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack – Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible is the newer version of its legendary brother the Badlands Superday Pack. And just like all newer versions of products tend to come with better and more advanced features, this Superday pack also comes with a number of cooler features that make it … Read more

The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl Review

Since it came out in 2015, The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl has become one of the most useful books in the hunting world just like its predecessor The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game did a few months before it. But … Read more

Master Lock Adjustable Locking Cable, Braided Steel, Camo Colored, 6-Feet x 5/16-inch Review

The theft of hunting gear and equipment is one of the biggest challenges that many hunters have to deal with every hunting season. As a hunter, you can prevent the theft of your valuables such as tree stands, game and trail cameras, etc by making it very difficult or even impossible for them to be … Read more

Best Thermal Scopes and Night Vision Scopes with Buying Guide

  Pulsar Apex XD38A Thermal Riflescope If you are into any form of shooting activity that requires high-end viewing equipment, you should consider the Pulsar Apex XD38A Thermal Riflescope. This scope has a 384×288 resolution and LCD display that provides a quality view of your target. The scope’s 50Hz refresh rate allows you to view … Read more

Best Hunting Backpack Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Hunting Rifle Reviews

To get the top rated choices, we carried out extensive research with a keen focus on 15 hunting backpacks that have been receiving positive reviews from customers. Taking into consideration their performance, practicality, weight, storage space, comfort, durability, fabric used, noise produced and many other relevant factors, we compared them against each other. These choices scored … Read more

Best Hunting Camera Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Hunting Camera Reviews

Every hunter must be aware of how critical a good trail camera is to their success in viewing and locating wildlife. A hunting camera is a motion-activated camera specially designed to capture photos and record videos of wildlife. It is a useful tool for hunters as it helps one to identify the movement patterns of wildlife. … Read more

Best Hunting Knives Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Hunting Knives Reviews

Hunting is one of the oldest hobbies and is still enjoyed by many today. The thrill and satisfaction of stalking and catching one’s prey is what makes it fun and a hobby to look forward. Every good hunter who enjoys hunting also enjoys using the best tools for the job. Good hunting knives further enhance … Read more

Best Rifle Scope Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Rifle Scope Reviews

If you own a rifle, you will want to find the best rifle scope for your money. A rifle scope guarantees the best accuracy without being affected by extreme weather conditions, hence giving you an edge over most other hunters. A scope serves as the eye of your gun, and you can’t afford to compromise on its … Read more

What Are The Best Whitetail Deer Calls and How Do You Use Them?

Best Whitetail Deer Calls and How To Use It?

This article outlines how to take hunting to a higher level, and how to make it interesting, easy and successful. Through this article, you will be able to identify the latest technology invested in the deer calls meant to help hunters attract deer in any weather conditions. You can attract males, females and juveniles with the different sounds produced … Read more

Best Hunting Rifle Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Hunting Rifle Reviews

Every hunter would agree that a unique and top quality hunting rifle guarantees best performance. This is because it will always enhance your accuracy, regardless of the weather conditions. However, many hunting rifles exist in the market today and getting something that meets your expectations is challenging, frustrating and tedious at the least. For this reason, before you go out … Read more

Hunting in the State of Michigan

Michigan is not a place that is widely known for its hunting opportunities. Yet with a surging deer population, this may well change within the coming years. This document will give you the basic information you need to become a legal, successful hunter in the Wolverine State. For instance, you will learn how to obtain a license, … Read more

Hunting in the State of New Mexico

In addition to having the standard fare of game species, there are also animals available to hunters in New Mexico that are not available elsewhere. This is largely due to the variety of landscapes that are there to challenge sportsmen, as well as the Land of Enchantment’s ability to retain its natural environment more than many other … Read more

Hunting in the State of Vermont

So, you intend backpacking and heading to the U.S. State of Vermont on a hunting expedition, however, you are unsure where to start. The succinct information below will do you the world of good prior to hunting in this Green Mountain State. They have been expertly drawn from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s (FWD) website and … Read more