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Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526) Review

Every avid shooter knows how important earmuffs are for shooting. Today, the market is flooded with many types of electronic hearing protection products competing with each other. In this post, we review one of the leading ear protection products for shooting – the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526), which does a decent job of protecting the wearer’s ears from any harmful noise.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526) Review with Detail Features

The Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526) Review below will go over the major features of this device:

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Protects Your Ears from Harmful Noise

Extremely loud noise has many negative health effects on an individual, the most prominent being hearing impairment which can range from short to long-term. However, wearing the Honeywell Impact Sport by Howard Leight and switching on its electronic ear protection function can protect a wearer from excessively loud noise, thereby drastically reducing the wearer’s risk of suffering from any negative effects associated with exposure to extremely loud noise.

According to studies, the noise from a firearm can range between 140 dB and 175 dB, which is more than capable of causing hearing loss if exposed to it frequently. That’s why it is imperative that shooters who go on hunting expeditions or go to the range wear good hearing protection that is capable of protecting the ears from the extremely loud and damaging noise of the firearm. This is why using an earmuff like the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526) is very important. These earmuffs mainly protect your ears by automatically blocking any noise that is above 82 dB.

Increases Low-Level Sound

One of the most remarkable features of the Honeywell Impact Sport by Howard Leight is its ability to amplify low-level sounds up to about 4 times while at the same time protecting the wearer against very loud and harmful noise. This is made possible by the inbuilt directional microphones that increase ambient sounds like conversations to a safe 82dB. What this means is that when you find yourself in a range, the earmuffs allow you to hear important things such as conversations and range commands but not the extremely loud noise from the gunshots. Also if you are hunting, the earmuffs allow you to hear important environmental sounds but not the loud and damaging noise from your rifle.

Connects to MP3 Players and Other Devices

The set comes with an external audio jack which allows you to connect it to an MP3 player. In addition to being able to use it with an MP3 device, it can also be connected to a scanner, iPod or other audio sources via the same external audio jack.

Energy Saver

It saves energy and increases the life of your AAA batteries thanks to its 4-hour automatic shut-off system.

Included Components

The earmuffs come with the following components: 2 AAA batteries, a pair of Impact Sport Earmuffs and a single audio connection cord.


The earmuffs have a number of features that make them comfortable to wear. For example, their padded headband is so soft that it prevents too much pressure on the head, which allows for long-wearing comfort.

Easy Storage

The manufacturers designed the earmuffs in such a way that they can easily be folded to be conveniently stored in your gun bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do the earmuffs use batteries?

A. Yes this set of muffs requires 2 AAA batteries.

Q. Do the earmuffs come with batteries?

A. Yes the earmuffs come with 2 AAA batteries.

Q. Can the set be adjusted?

A. Yes! Both the volume and fit of the muffs are adjustable.

Q: Do these muffs work well for indoor shooting ranges?

A. Yes they work well for both indoor and outdoor ranges. They basically can be used anywhere.

Q. I am a small person with a very small head; would these earmuffs fit my head?

A. Since the headband is easily adjustable, it is very likely they can be adjusted to fit you comfortably.

Q. While wearing the earmuffs during hunting, am I able to hear the sounds of animals and other environmental sounds?

A. Yes! Since the muffs amplify low sounds and reduce extremely loud noise, you should be able to hear environmental sounds, including the sounds animals make and that of rustle of leaves.

Q. Does wearing the muffs interfere with the shouldering of a shooter’s firearm?

A. Not at all! The muffs are designed in such a way that wearing them does not hinder the fluidity and smoothness of the shouldering of your firearm.

Q. Do the muffs work well with safety glasses?

A. Yes they do! You can wear both the muffs and safety glasses at the same time without any problem.

Q. Can you use the earmuffs while mowing the lawn?

A. Yes you can use the muffs while mowing and they would block the lawnmower noise if it is too loud.

Q. Where are the batteries located on the earmuffs?

A. There is a black rubber compartment at the top of the right side of the set. That is where the batteries are housed.

Q. What are the dimensions and weight of the earmuffs?

A. The dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inches and the weight is 15.2 ounces.

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  • They are very comfortable to wear. You can wear them for hours without experiencing any ear soreness.
  • The set efficiently suppresses loud noise.
  • You can still hold a normal conversation while using the earmuffs.
  • The set’s easy foldable nature makes storage very easy.
  • The earmuffs are not heavy.
  • The headband can easily be adjusted for individual fit.
  • They can be used with an MP3 player.


  • Sometimes the fit isn’t perfect.
  • The earmuffs sometimes don’t seal properly around the ears.

Final Verdict

You can prevent extremely loud gun noise from causing you short or long-term hearing problems by using decent electronic hearing protection such as the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526).

This ear protector from Howard Leight provides the wearer with protection from hazardous noise while at the same time amplifying low level sounds such as conversations and environmental sounds in a manner that is free of distortion. In order to avoid suffering from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), it is imperative that every shooter wear proper hearing protection!

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