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Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews with Buying Guide

If you love hunting, a predator call is a must. You will be able to catch more prey by using a top-rated electronic predator call. There is a genuine art form to game calling. When you are out hunting, no matter what type of game that you are pursuing, you have to do your best to focus on your objective. As such, you shouldn’t neglect your choice of game calls because if there is one thing that will come between you and your hunting goals, it is using a poorly made predator call.

The basic idea of a good game call is to use a combination of different reeds and electronic calls, and the calls you make will typically either be open, closed, mechanical or remote controlled.

 Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

If you ask someone what’s the best electronic predator call for the money, you will get many answers and become confused about which one is best electronic predator call for you. So here we provide the top electronic predator call reviews.

Below, you will discover a summary of the best electronic predator call reviews to obtain the important information and figure out which quality game calls will work best for you. This will make your hunting experience more efficient and ultimately more enjoyable.

Best Electronic Predator Call Comparison Table

Picture Name Calls Remote Price
Our review Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Caller 75 YES $
Our review ICOtec AD400 Predator Decoy YES $
Our review Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1 Comes with 75 Stores 200 YES $$$
Our review FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Game Call Comes with 100 Stores 1000 YES $$$$$
Our review Foxpro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy for Caller FOXJACK3 NO $
Our review ICOtec GC300 - Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call 12 YES $
Our review Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call Comes with 64 Stores 1000 YES $$$
Our review ICOtec GC350 - 24 Call Programmable Remote Electronic Game Call 24 YES $$
Our review Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call Comes with 36 Stores 500 YES $$

Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Caller

If you are currently in the market looking for a very effective handheld electronic game call that is lightweight and durable at the same time, then the Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Caller from Western Rivers is worth considering. The compact size of the device, coupled with its light nature, makes it very easy for you to pack it into your hunting bag and carry it with you from one hunting area to another.
Some electronic game calls don’t give users the ability to use them during the night, but the Mantis 75R isn’t like that. This game call comes with a backlit LCD digital display screen which allows the user to use it in low light conditions or even at night.

The Mantis 75R also comes loaded with as many as 75 pre-load game calls, which sound extremely realistic. The animal sounds that this device produces can be so realistic that predators are easily fooled by them and drawn in. And what’s more, the Mantis 75R comes with pivoting legs that give you the ability to use the device hands-free. The device also comes with a very good remote control function and a trigger sound activation button. In addition to all these very important features that the device comes loaded with, it is also extremely durable and rugged, which means you can use it for a very long time.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Handheld electronic predator caller.
  • 75 pre-loaded game calls.
  • Durable and rugged.
  • It comes with a trigger sound activation button.
  • Backlit LCD digital display screen.
  • Pivoting rubberized legs that allow for hands-free use.
  • Long range remote control ability.

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ICOtec AD400 Predator Decoy

It is common knowledge that the market is currently flooded with all types of electronic predator calls, but what many don’t know is that out of this lot, one of the most effective is the ICOtec AD400 Predator Decoy from one of the fastest growing manufacturers of electronic game calls ICOtec, LLC.
The AD400 comes with a powerful LED light whose main role is to illuminate the prey toppers in order to make them visible in low conditions or during the nighttime. This is one of the features that separate the AD400 from other predator decoys out there. With this feature, even at night, animals will be able to see the prey toppers and be lured in.

Away from this very important LED light, other defining features of the AD400 include an excellent speed dial control, which allows you to control the decoy’s speed, a whisper-quiet motor that doesn’t produce unnecessary noise to scare animals away and two quick-change prey toppers, namely a woodpecker and a fury rabbit which behave and move just like a real rabbit or woodpecker that is in distress would act.

Also, the AD400 is compatible with most ICOtec electronic game callers such as the ICOtec GC500 and GC320.
Other features that combine forces with the aforementioned ones to make the AD400 one of the most useful predator decoys on the market include a low power consumption rate, a high quality construction and a lightweight design that facilitates easy carriage. And what’s more, the manufacturers of the decoy back it up with a one year warranty.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

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 Features at a Glance 

  • LED light.
  • Two quick-change prey toppers.
  • Speed dial control.
  • Whisper-quiet motor.
  • Intermittent realistic motion to draw in predators.
  • Compatible with other ICOtec Callers.
  • One year warranty.
  • Low power consumption.

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Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1

If you are a hunter looking for a game calling device that is not only effective in drawing in predators but is also very rugged and durable, then the Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1 is definitely one that is worth considering. This device, manufactured by FOXPRO Inc., comes with a couple of external jacks that can be used to connect it to a number of FOXPRO decoys or to an external speaker for a louder sound (that is if you are not satisfied with the sound the device’s single horn speaker provides).
The device also comes with a USB Port for connecting it to your computer for reprogramming. Away from the Foxpro’s excellent connectivity feature, it also comes with a very good remote control feature that allows you to operate the device from as far as about 550 yards away. It is worth noting that not too many game calling devices have the ability to do this!

This device, which is compatible with a number of file formats, including WAV and MP3, comes with 75 pre-installed sounds. And as if that isn’t enough, it also gives you the ability to store as many as 200 sounds on it via the USB port.
Unlike some other game calling devices on the market, the Inferno is so rugged and durable that it can survive all manners of abuse thanks to the fact that the housing is made of FOXPRO’s famous rugged ABS Composite Material.
Last but not least, the Inferno comes equipped with a Low Battery Indicator which alerts you the moment your batteries start getting low.
With all the great features mentioned above, it is very easy to understand why many predator hunters consider the Inferno among one of the best digital game calling devices on the market.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

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 Features at a Glance 

  • User-friendly remote with easy-to-navigate interface.
  • USB port for connecting to computer.
  • 3.5mm External Speaker Jack for connecting to external speaker.
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack for connecting to a FOXPRO decoy.
  • ABS housing.
  • Pilot lamp/low battery indicator.
  • Durable and rugged.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Single horn speaker with an on/off switch.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Three-year warranty.

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Another very popular game call on the market from FOXPRO Inc. is the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Game Call which comes equipped with 4 speakers (2 tweeters and 2 horn speakers) that produce excellent sounds capable of luring in all manners of wildlife animals. If the volume of the 4 speakers isn’t sufficient for you, the device comes with two external speaker jacks that you can use to connect external speakers to the device for more volume. Talking about connectivity, the SHOCKWAVE also comes with a USB Port to connect the device to a computer, a Charge Jack for power and a 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack meant for connecting the SHOCKWAVE to an approved device. An example of an approved device that you can connect to the SHOCKWAVE is the FOXPRO FOXJACK 3 Decoy.

When it comes to the issue of sounds, the SHOCKWAVE comes with 100 very quality sounds and gives you the opportunity to store as many as 1,000 sounds.
Another important highlight of the SHOCKWAVE is its excellent remote control function which comes with such important attributes as an LCD screen, battery level indicator, timer, temperature indicator, etc.

The device also comes with several Foxpro innovations such as the following: FOXMOTION, which works by mimicking the movement of a prey, FOXFUSION, which gives you the opportunity to mix any two sounds together and FOXPITCH, which allows you to modify the pitch of a sound. Other important Foxpro innovations that you can get on this device include FOXBANG, FOXDATA, FOXCASTand AUTO VOLUME. All these innovations play crucial roles in making the SHOCKWAVE one of the most effective game calls on the market.
In addition to all the great features the SHOCKWAVE has to offer, it also comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Four speakers (2 tweeters and 2 horn speakers)
  • Two 3.5mm external speaker jacks.
  • USB Port.
  • Charge Jack.
  • 3.5mm auxiliary jack.
  • Remote control function.
  • It comes with 100 pre-installed sounds and gives you the opportunity to store up to 1,000 sounds.
  • Excellent Foxpro innovations such as FOXPITCH, FOXFUSION, FOXMOTION, etc.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

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Foxpro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy for Caller FOXJACK3

Another excellent electronic predator decoy from Foxpro Inc. is the FOXPRO FOXJACK 3 Decoy, which is designed to attach directly to the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE digital game call and transform it into one heck of a powerful digital game calling machine. This device comes equipped with a predator-enticing prey tropper that looks like a real woodpecker. The motion and appearance of the prey tropper is so convincing that predators find it quite difficult resisting it. In addition to this highly realistic prey tropper, the device also comes with LED Light which allows it to be used during the nighttime. Many regard this feature as one of the most defining features of the device in the sense that it allows a hunter – especially predator hunters who hunt at night to use the device in the night. The LED light works by illuminating the prey tropper and making it visible to predators (game) during the nighttime or during instances when the atmosphere isn’t very bright.

Another very important feature of the FoxJack 3 Decoy worth mentioning is its Whisper Quiet Motor which produces no unusual sounds while at the same time driving the prey tropper in such a realistic manner that predators are tricked into believing that what they are seeing is a real woodpecker. This of course draws them in like a moth to a flame.

In addition to all these important features that the Foxjack 3 Decoy comes with, it is also so compact and light that a hunter can carry it to and from their hunting locations in such a convenient and comfortable manner.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Connects directly to the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE electronic game call.
  • Comes with a realistic-looking bird topper that resembles a woodpecker.
  • Whisper quiet motor.
  • Can be controlled remotely using the SHOCKWAVE’s remote.
  • LED light that illuminates the bird topper at night.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 90-day limited warranty.

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ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

One of the most affordable, compact and highly reliable game calls on the market, the ICOtec GC300 game call can truly provide a convenient option for the beginner or the seasoned vet. The company has developed the type of game call that the gaming public will choose for their next expedition. Some of the various, high-quality calls are coyote male, coyote howl, baby crow distress, baby raccoon distress, woodpecker baby distress and adult bobcat.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

At such a reasonable price, the ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Predator Call is effective with its portability, range and toughness that will last much longer than the average game caller. Every sportsman can improve upon different aspects of their game, even when the conditions are harsh and tough to handle. Using a predator call works like a charm.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • 12 Preadtor calls (playing 2 animal calls simultaneously)
  • 300 yard wireless remote control (volume and stop buttons)
  • 120db and 15 Watt Speaker
  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple Design
  • Durable Rugged Construction
  • Reasonable Price

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Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

The Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call is considered one of the best in the pack, featuring 180-degree rotational speakers for precise game calling that circulates your surroundings.

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

The remote is completely ergonomic, offering a full-color display and an incredibly user-friendly layout. All of the complicated guessing is totally stripped away and it stores 75 various sounds and six hunt sequences that are entirely complete.

Powered by 25 watt speakers that are free of all distortion, the Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call can compete with the best of them without any issues. The remote is super easy-to-use, it can function at a very quick pace and has a 200-yard range. All of the sounds have been digitally remastered to provide the calls with the most accurate realism on the market today.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • 75 pre-installed calls
  • 20 Watt Speakers (180-degree rotation)
  • 200 yard Wireless Remote Control (Full Color Display)
  • Crisp Clear sound (distortion free)
  • Ability to add new calls sounds
  • Additional Inputs and Outputs
  • Compact Design (camouflage)

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ICOtec GC350 – 24 Call Programmable Remote Electronic Game Call

If you are searching for a game calling unit that is extremely powerful and lightweight, the ICOtec GC350 is a great choice for you. This awesome game caller is loaded with 24 different custom calls that will provide a special added layer of complexity and realism every time you are making calls on your various expeditions.

ICOtec GC350 - 24 Call Programmable Remote Electronic Game Call

The device comes with built-in external speakers for when added volume is a must. You can also use a fantastic electronic decoy with the first-rate auxiliary port to be more alluring to a predator. This particular unit is great for attracting foxes, bobcats, coyotes, wolves and bears. The ICOtec GC350 – 24 Call Programmable Remote Electronic Game Call allows you to easily connect to your computer with its mini-USB port. This way you can alternate your calls by adding or removing files from the SD card.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • 24 High-Quality Calls (in removable SD Card)
  • Lightweight Easy to carry
  • 300 yards wireless remote control
  • 15 Watt quality Speaker
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Audio Jack for external speakers

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Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Loaded with four pre-programmed expert calling sequences and 36 different sounds, the Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call gives you the chance to be at your very best with all of your calls.

The Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call is developed with a 25-watt amp horn speaker that is designed to be extremely far-reaching with frequencies that are immensely realistic. The rotating speaker provides maximum sound projection over just about any terrain. All of the different sounds are categorized by species, such as bobcat, deer, coyote, fox, and more.

Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews

This predator call has a sound library which enables you to add sounds. You can store an astonishing 500 different sounds, and it can be attached to your USB port. The remote is very user-friendly, it can be used with just one hand and it reaches as far as 150 ft. For maximum seclusion, this game call has a camouflage Real-tree Max-1 case, plus re-programmable hot buttons so you can always access your favorites with ease. This unit is considered one of the very best in regards to how it operates in the wind as well.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • 36 Programmable Sounds
  • 150 Yard wireless Remote Control
  • 4 preprogrammed Expert Hunts
  • USB port for downloading sounds (Stores up to 500 sounds)
  • Rotating distortion-free speaker
  • Audio-out port (for external speaker)
  • 25 Watt amplifier

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The Benefits of Electronic Predator Calls

Traditionally, most hunters used mouth calls made from plastic, bone, wood and horn. It worked pretty well at the time since most of the predators then were less wary. However this might no longer work even for the best hunters today. Predators have become smarter and hunters must look for ways to gain an edge over them, hence the electronic calls. Below are some of the benefits electronic predator calls have to offer:

A plethora of sounds

E-calls have the ability to store many different types of calls including the distress calls from a variety of animals. When predators hear such sounds they come out to investigate, believing it’s an easy meal. That’s when you capture them.


E-calls have been built to work perfectly well in all kinds of weather. The same can’t be said about manual calls, since they tend to fail in extreme weather conditions.


Electronic calls give the user the chance to decide on the type of mix they want for their preferred predator choice. For instance, for coyotes one might tend to program the e-call to provide distress calls, yelps as well as lone howls of low frequency.


With an e-call, you can keep your eyes and hands free. This allows you to focus on the surroundings, and with your binoculars you can easily spot your prey from a distance.

Realistic Animal Sounds

These days many electronic game calls are so technologically advanced that they come with animal sounds that are fabulously realistic. Most of these devices come pre loaded with dozens of high-definition calls and quality speakers that combine forces to produce sounds that are so realistically mimic animal noises that they have the ability to fool even the most cautious of predators into believing that the sounds are coming from real animals.

Saves Time

Unlike in the old days when hunters spent hours on end trying to lure animals to their traps using mouth calls, today, thanks to electronic predator calls, the process of luring animals has changed significantly in the sense that is much quicker now. Using an electronic predator/game call can indeed save you a whole lot of precious time. With a decent electronic game call, you don’t need to wait for long hours just to get your targeted animal to fall into your trap.

Control from a Distance

A number of electronic game calls today come equipped with remote control functions which make them controllable from hundreds of yards away. This is very important in the sense that it keeps your presence hidden from the predators you are hunting, thereby significantly increasing your potential for a kill.

Volume Control

Another major benefit of using an electronic call is the fact that it gives you the ability to easily control the volume of the sounds generated. The average electronic game call comes with speakers whose volumes can be increased or reduced depending on your preference. Some also come with features such as external speaker jacks that you can use in connecting more speakers to them if you need more volume. This is very useful when hunting under windy conditions since the wind can easily drown the sound if it isn’t very loud.


Electronic calls can keep you safe from the animals that you are hunting. This is very important for predator hunters. When using remote-controlled game calls, since the hunter can set the call up and leave it yards away from him or herself, the hunter is not only able to remain hidden but can also keep himself as far away as possible from the dangerous predator that has just been lured in.

Consistency Guaranteed

With an electronic call, you are assured of consistency with regard to the sound the device produces. But with mouth-blown calls, consistency isn’t something you are likely going to get since calls have the likelihood of sounding different from one another. It is worth noting that inconsistencies in calls reduce the likelihood of luring in animals.

Allows More Focus

A mouth-blown game call has the tendency of taking much of the hunter’s attention from his or her environment since he or she needs to concentrate a lot when using the mouth and hands to produce sounds that are convincing enough to fool animals. And doing this often leaves them unable to focus more on the scenery or landscape to spot nearby animals. But with electronic game calls, this doesn’t often happen. Electronic calls come with pre-recorded sounds that save the user from wasting a lot of their concentration on trying to create a sound convincing enough to lure in animals. And this allows the user to focus more of their attention on the landscape and the animal(s) they are hunting, thereby maximizing their potential for a kill.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electronic Predator Call

Sound Quality and the Speakers

The quality of the sound produced by the predator call is important since it determines how fast you can draw out game. Sound is everything, and a good predator call must have various sound capabilities that will attract the game towards your trap fast enough. The sounds produced should not only be clear and crisp but also loud enough without any distortions. Most of the best electronic predator calls in the market come with more than one speaker, some which are external to ensure that they transmit sounds as far as possible. Others have dual speakers which make the sound move in both directions.

Sound Library

A good sound library must be easily accessible by the remote control and also contain a plethora of recorded sounds that are perfect. It gets better if the recorded sounds are from real animals since it gives the predator call realism that is unmatched and separates it from the rest. Also, a good predator call allows the user to add their preferred choice of sounds.

Remote Control

A remote control ought to be one of the best features that an electronic predator call provides. With a remote control, the user can swap calls and change the volume even from a distance. A good remote has an extensive yard range and is very effective. It also should come with an LCD or LED screen as well as a control layout that is easy to use.


Being lightweight and portable are just some of the features that make a good electronic predator call. It should have a rugged speaker case which is covered with camouflage coating. For stability and mounting, it must come with a tripod mount which has elevated legs. Another important factor is the ease with which the user can replace the batteries.


A good predator call must be constructed from materials that are rugged, lightweight and durable so as to withstand abuse and last for many years in the field. Also, the batteries must have a good, long life. The best electronic predator calls on the market today do not come cheap, and it’s only right that you get the best value for your money.


A good electronic predator call must perform precisely how you expect it to, whenever you want it to. It should be swift, top-notch and precise to ensure that you always get it right while hunting. Using an inconsistent call can cause your prey to slip away, which is very disheartening. A good call must maximize your chances of killing the prey.


How much are you willing to spend on your predator call? There are many good electronic predator calls on the market and in various price ranges. You should first set your budget before going out to look for a call with the ideal features. The most important thing is to do research in order to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Brand’s Reputation

While reviews can be quite biased and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt, keep in mind that some reputable brands have been in the predator call business for a while and must be getting it right by now. It is better to pay more money for a trusted brand over one that hasn’t been tested and proven to be worth your money.


Another very important thing you must take into consideration before buying an electronic predator calls is a warranty. It is not advisable to purchase an electronic call that doesn’t come with a warranty since that can be extremely disadvantageous to you.  With a good warranty, the manufacturers of the electronic call would either repair or replace your call for you without charge if it suddenly develops a problem as a result of a manufacturing related defect. It is never advisable buying an electronic call that is not backed by a warranty.

 How to Use a Predator Call

It’s a warm and mildly sunny weekend, and you can’t wait to get into the bush and hunt some game. Indeed, your tent, survival and hunting knives, backpack, rifles and other requisite materials are packed in the boot of your car, and you are all ready to set off. But as you are about to start your car engine, it occurs to you that you haven’t decided on your hunting style/approach. Some hunters prefer to sit still and wait for their game to come near them, while they keep watch of the landscape. Others, who don’t have so much time to waste, prefer predator calls. In this section of this post, our goal is to teach you how to use predator calls. But before going into the process of using a predator call, let’s first take a moment to discuss a number of things such as what a game call is, some of the types of game calls that are out there, and the varieties of animal species that are attracted to game calls.

A predator/game call is any device that is used to mimic the noises that animals make in order to bring them closer to the hunter. Of course, it follows from this that not all animals make only one type of noise. Certain animals use a combination of sounds to attract them to one another, and therefore, a good predator call will do well to mimic a variety of sounds. For instance, Turkeys make a variety of sounds including: “clucks”, “gobbles”, “purrs”, “yelps” and “cackles”. A predator call can be either manual or electronic, depending on the way it works. Manual predator calls are hand-held and mouth blown. Electronic predator calls are either hand-held or remote-controlled and they come with pre-recorded animal noises. Compared to manual predator calls, electronic predator calls are pretty modern, and come with numerous advantages such as safety and convenience that you cannot find in the manual predator calls. All in all, electronic predator calls are more effective and convenient than manual predator calls.

Having looked at the two major types of predator calls, let’s now explore the variety of animal species that can be attracted to predator calls. The list includes: elk, moose, geese, ducks, raccoons, wild pigs, coyote, crow, deer, and turkey. Elk and deer in general make certain vocalizations mostly to keep their newborn calves closer to them. The vocalizations of ducks take the form of cooing, quacking, whistles, yodles and grunts, the goal of which is to maintain contact. Finally, raccoons, while they rely mostly on their sense of touch and smell to maintain contact, have a very sharp hearing ability that draws them to even the noises made by the soil’s burrowing earthworms.

Now that we have discussed the types of predator calls and the types of animals that are attracted to it, we are going to show you how to use predator calls. We will focus primarily on electronic calls for coyotes, how to program an electronic caller, and how to improvise in the moment. First, you should know that during the mating and cub rearing period, pressing the button for a pub call is more likely to draw the coyotes to you because they think that it’s one of their cubs in distress, and are less defensive as a result. Pressing the button for the whines and yelps that coyotes make is likely to lure them to you because they think that it’s a call to socialize. Since coyotes are less defensive and will only drive out intruders, it’s important to reduce the volume of your electronic predator call in order to mimic a weak intruder; this way, the coyotes will come out in an attempt to drive out the “intruder”.  Assuming prior knowledge of the area where the coyotes usually meet in groups, you may press the button for a threat call, which indicates to the coyotes to run away from an impending danger to the source of the call. Lastly, coyotes are some of the smartest and elusive bush dogs you can find. They can read into a call and tell when it’s fake. To save yourself from being made out, you want to mix a variety of calls in order to make it feel real for the coyotes. For instance, you want to blend group calls, lone howls and stress calls to make your vocalizations very natural and seemingly uncalculated, at least in the minds of the animals you want to attract.

To be able to achieve all that we’ve described above depends, to a great extent, on your ability to program your predator call. Be sure to take the time to check the maximum and minimum levels of your device’s volume. This will help you in determining how to make a given call a threat or a weakling. Next, press on the various call buttons to hear for yourself what the various sounds are like. Also, you want to practice mixing the various sounds by playing them one after the other. Lastly, you can even simulate a bush setting and attach the device to a tree so that you can listen to how the various sounds come off. Doing all of this will enable you to become familiar with your device, and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Finally, you want to learn to be as adaptive and patient as possible with your device. Try to have as many patterns or mixtures of calls as possible. This is important because no two coyotes, deer or ducks, for example, are the same; and the sound patterns that worked for you yesterday may not work for you today. Good luck, and stay thirsty for game!

How to Maintain a Predator Call

Whew… finally, a great hunting season is over. You learnt how use both electronic and manual predator calls so well that it ended in fetching you a bumper harvest! Now that the hunting season is over, it’s time for you to put aside/store your predator call, and focus on other important things in life – at least, till the next hunting season. But someone might ask: why is it important to maintain and store my predator calls properly? Well it is very important to properly maintain and store your electronic call because failure to do so may affect you in two ways: first, it can impair the device’s performance in the next season. Second, you might have to buy a new device if the old one becomes defunct due to poor maintenance. This section of the post will teach you how to properly maintain your electronic predator call.

Keep Away From Water

It is common knowledge that electronics and moisture (water) are not the best of friends, and the average electronic game call is no exception to this. Since exposing the average electronic device to water has a number of negative effects on the device, it therefore goes without saying that you avoid exposing your electronic predator call to water or any form of moisture. When you prevent moisture from coming into contact with your electronic call, you will not only be saving your device from becoming damaged or inoperable but you will also be saving it from becoming rusty. But someone might ask this question: what if my electronic call features a water-resistant design? If your electronic call happens to be water-resistant, you should know that this still doesn’t make it water proof. While an electronic game call that is water resistant will often perform well in all weather conditions including during a downpour, this doesn’t mean that the device can’t be harmed by the rain. This is the reason why even though manufacturers say their game calls are water resistant, they still advice that you use something like a waterproof cover to protect it during heavy downpours.

Clean it on a Regular Basis

One of the best things you can do for your electronic game call to make it last longer and work at its best all the time is to make sure that you regularly keep it clean.  Because electronic calls are often used in the wilderness, they get very dirty quickly. It is advisable to devote time into properly cleaning your device after every hunting trip. The more you take time to remove dirt, debris and all manners of foreign objects from your electronic call, the longer your device is going to last. All electronic devices need to be kept clean all the time in order to last longer and perform at their best, and an electronic predator call is certainly no exception.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

After thoroughly cleaning your electronic game call, the next thing you need to do is look for a safe, cool and dry place to store it. You do yourself a huge disservice if you go about storing your electronic game call in a damp place or in any location that has some moisture since doing this will quickly reduce the lifespan of your device. It is for this reason that most electronic predator call manufacturers advise their customers to always store their devices in locations that are devoid of any form of moisture. It is imperative that readers know that exposing an electronic game call to moisture can easily cause things such as rust, electrical shorts and corrosion, which all play instrumental roles in damaging the device.

Remove Batteries before Storage

If your electronic predator call runs on removable batteries and you do not have any intentions of using your device for a very long time, then when storing the device, it is imperative that you remove all the batteries from the device. The reason why doing this is very important is simply because of the fact that when batteries stay in a device for a very long time, they leak and can damage the device.

Remove Memory Card before Storage

In addition to removing the batteries of your electronic call if you plan not to use your calling device for a long period of time, it is also advisable to remove the memory card from the device (that is if it uses one) before storing it.  This prevents damage.

It is very important that readers know that regularly cleaning and maintaining an electronic predator call comes with a whole lot of benefits, most notably extending the life of the device and making it perform optimally all the time.

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