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Hunting Jacket Guide

As a hunter, even if you equipped yourself with all the hunting equipment in the world and failed to include a good hunting jacket, you gear is considered incomplete simply because you have left out one of the most essential hunting clothing item. Simply put, you do yourself a great disservice venturing on a hunting … Read more

Primos Gunhunter’s Vest Review

One of the most important things that every professional gun or muzzloader hunter craves for is the ability to make great shots during a hunt. And a good way to achieve this is by having all the things that are essential for making that perfect shot well organized and stored in one place so that reaching … Read more

Browning Pheasants Forever Vest Review

There are tons of great hunting vests currently available for sale on the market, but many hunters love and trust the Browning Pheasants Forever Vest to take care of them during their hunting exploits. Why is this so? In this review of the Forever Vest, we shall introduce to you some of the key features of this … Read more

GameHide Upland Vest Review

Every avid hunter would agree that a good hunting vest is a vital gear in hunting because of a number of very important tasks it performs. And today there are many of these vests available out there, making it very confusing to find the right ones to purchase, especially one that would be up to … Read more