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Tips To Find the Most Appropriate and Best Hunting Clothing

When one considers serious hunting, appropriate clothing does matter. While there are a lot of options to choose from, not all things are essential, and this varies according to different conditions. For example, to have the best cold weather hunting clothes in your inventory, it is critical to have warm over suits, jackets and warm inner body suits. While a range of clothing is available to suit different conditions, it is no longer necessary for women to use men’s clothing since both have different physical builds and needs.

Men’s Hunting Clothes

Best Hunting Cloth for men

Generally men’s hunting clothing comprises of at least three layers of clothing. The innermost layers are composed of inner body suits which can be selected according to conditions (cold weather, hot weather, etc.). This is the first layer and one should choose it in such a way that it fits the body and is according to one’s appropriate size. Wearing the right size will eliminate any discomfort. One can opt to wear t-shirts and shorts too.

The second layer is comprised of hunting shirts and jackets. This is the layer that comes into direct contact with the environment. Thus, one should make sure that it has no loose ends which can get stuck in branches and deter free movement. Also, while handling weapons, shirts and pants must be comfortable enough to allow free movement. Game can easily detect movement from quite long distances.

The third or the outer layer consists of jackets and out suits. This is used in wet or other types of weather conditions such as cold or snowy weather. These out suits are generally waterproof. Non-waterproof suits are also available, but getting a waterproof suit ensures that one can keep himself dry in harsh weather.

Other than the three layers that protect the body, one should buy hunting boots and gloves that offer protection to feet and hands. When it comes to choosing the best hunting clothing, one should give it as much importance as weapon choice since this goes a long way. One should not avoid investing in these areas. If cost is a concern, factory seconds may be a good choice. Some of this apparel has minor defects in their visual design that don’t hurt the functionality.  This clothing is also long-lasting and offers superb features when it comes to comfort and ergonomic design elements.

Pockets: Do they matter?

Yes, they do. Though jackets and good quality hunting backpacks available nowadays provide all the necessary attachments one could think of, having some extra pockets here and there does not hurt. Mainly hunting pants and shirts or jackets have pockets which either offer zipper protection or Velcro (the cheap ones). It should be remembered that game will get spooked if it hears unusual noise (such as Velcro opening). With zippers, one can limit any noise to a minimum. Also, padded pockets and hidden pockets are beneficial.

When it comes to color options, camos are the choice of many but one must also follow the hunting rules of the area. It is said that most game are color blind and thus cannot see color effectively. This rules out the argument of wearing a brightly patched outfit versus wearing camos. The problem with camos is, if a person gets injured, it will be hard to locate them at a distance. Moreover, when it comes to spooking, movements cause more spooks than bright colors.

Women’s Hunting Clothes

Best Hunting Cloth for women

All three points mentioned above regarding hunting clothing layers stays the same when it comes to women’s hunting clothes. Since women have a different body structure, the straight cut of the men’s clothing sometimes does not fit and also causes discomfort.

Women’s hunting pants have more area in the buttocks and appropriate seam lengths. Choosing carefully is essential, and length may not be an important factor if seam length is comfortable since the ends can be tucked inside hunting boots.

For every accessory available to men, the female counterparts are becoming more and more accessible nowadays. Ranging from hunting jackets to hunting shirts for women, hunting body suits and women’s hunting pants are becoming more common.

Missing gear can immensely hamper an expedition, so knowing where and how to prepare is vital. So, before you go hunting check out the All Time Backpack Hunting Gear List and don’t forget any gear.

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