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KA-BAR Becker BK10 Review (Fixed Blade Survival Knife)

A survival knife should do exactly that – help you survive in even the harshest conditions. You need a knife with a durable blade, ergonomic handle, fitting sheath and something that offers durability and workmanship. This is just what the KA-BAR BK-10 Becker Crewman Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Front Pocket Sheath offers you. It is a well-sized hunting knife that has a coated blade, sharp edge and top-of-the-range front pocket sheath. It is not only light but is also a dream to handle when working. In this KA-BAR Becker BK10 review, we will explore these and other features, the product pros and cons as well as common consumer queries.

KA-BAR Becker BK10 Review With Detail Features


KA-BAR Ethan Becker Stamp

Ethan Becker has been in the blade design game for years. He founded the Becker Knife and Tool Company in the 1980’s and has been approached by numerous companies to create knives that are perfect for hunting and overall survival. This is a next level knife that is an improvement on the original knife that was launched years ago. When I purchased my Becker BK10, the Becker stamp reminded me that this is the perfect survival knife to add to my hunting and emergency kits.

Thick Cro-Van Steel Blade

The KA-BAR Becker BK10 has a thick blade that stands at 0.188 inches. This blade is made of a material known as 1095 chrome-vanadium steel. This is a carbon steel that is easy to sharpen and use. What I like about this blade is its very sharp edges. The coating on the blade gives it that macho look, although with heavy use the coating seems to chip, especially around the tip. The blade edge has been flat ground. One additional feature is the thumb grip near the handle. The groove helps to control the blade when engaging in vigorous activities.

Black Zytel Handle

When purchasing a survival knife, I want the blade to be something durable and easy to grasp. The Becker BK10 has a black Zytel handle that is smooth and easy on the grip. The handle is screwed in so it is easy to clean and replace when necessary. It can get uncomfortable when too much pressure is exerted but the handle can work just as well. It also has a glass shattering pommel which should not be used for hammering because it will mess up the handle in the long run.

Great Survival Dimensions & Purpose

The idea behind a survival knife is size, dimension and the purpose it can serve in any emergency. The overall length of the knife is 10-7/8 inches while the blade is about 5- inches. The KA-BAR BK10 Becker Crewman Fixed Blade Survival Knife is light and easy to handle at only 1.4 pounds. This makes it small enough to carry around and large enough to do a number of jobs. It can sharpen wooden stakes, chop wood, cut through predators and even cut through heavy duty rope such as what is used on parachutes.

Front Pocket Sheath

One of the interesting features that any Becker BK10 review will share is the front pocket sheath. This is made of polyester and can be fastened to a belt, bag or backpack shoulder strap. It does not come down to the leg so it does not get in the way when being carried. The sheath has a front pocket and well-placed fasteners to hold the knife in place when in the sheath. The key to keeping the knife in place is to ensure that you close the sheath as instructed.

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  • Lightweight and only 10 inches long
  • Coated carbon steel blade
  • Thumb grip for easy handling
  • Durable Zytel Handle with pommel
  • Front pocket sheath


  • The thumb grip design can be uncomfortable with extended use
  • A leather or canvas sheath is preferred by some consumers
  • The coating can chip away after extensive use

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Do you have to scrape off the coating for the blade to work?

A: No you do not.

Q: Does the sheath have a storage pouch?

A: Yes it does. It can carry small things like a sharpener.

Final Verdict

What I like about the KA-BAR BK-10 Becker Crewman Fixed Blade Survival Knife is the fact that it is lightweight, is not too big or cumbersome, comes well sharpened after purchase and has a well designed handle and blade. I feel it can handle multiple tasks during camping, hunting or woodwork as well as basic survival. While the thumb grip got uncomfortable for me when applying extra pressure, I could still control the knife with just the handle. This Becker BK10 review will help you to make the same happy choice I made buying this blade.

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