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Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack Review

When looking for an effective backpack, you ought to be looking for one that is extremely durable, suitably efficient and convenient. A good backpack should be able to perform well even in extremely distant get-homes or bug-outs. The Eberlestock Halftrack is a very handy, small pack.

Most people make use of it as a bug out bag by keeping it loaded with food, survival items and medical supplies. Others use it just as a get home bag. Below is the Eberlestock Halftrack Review in detail.

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack Review with Detail Features

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack


The backpack comes in six different colors: Black, Dry Earth, Military Green, Multi-cam, Coyote Brown and Uni-cam V2.


The Eberlestock Halftrack backpack is made of 1000-Denier Nylon, having an internal lining and nice large zippers. Its zipper pulls are one step up from its para-cord pulls. Its dimensions are 24 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep. This gives a 2150-cubic inch or 25-liter capacity. This is extremely conservative, without taking the side pouches into account. The shallow yet wide backpack weighs 2.5 kilograms.

Directional Views

On top, you’ll find a pouch that is approximately 9-inches * 6.5-inches * 3-inches in terms of width, depth and height respectively. There are 3 rows of MOLLE Webbing on top, alongside a single row of Velcro attaching the identification patches. The pouch has a nice wide zipper that has a large pull on it. The pocket is ultimately large enough to fit a bottle, a pair of binoculars and more in it. It is best to put things you wish to access frequently in this pocket.

The Eberlestock Halftrack can be considered a panel-loading or front-loading pack. It has 6 rows of PALS-webbing on its front. It also has a Velcro block for morale or identification patches. There is a flat front pocket which runs through the full depth of the lid. On its bottom, there are 3 more rows of PALS-webbing and an included zipper pocket for rain fly. The rain fly can be attached to the pocket using a hook, and can also be detached whenever you wish to swap it with another rain fly.

Suspension System

First, there is a great grip handle at the bag’s top. The Eberlestock Halftrack backpack also features an internal plastic sheet and two aluminum stays which give the bag its structure and shape, helping to transfer your load from the shoulders to hips. You can access the aluminum stays using the little tabs found on each side of the pack’s back.

The back of this pack is nicely padded, and the bottom lumbar pad is conveniently thick. This makes it easy to position the pack on your back comfortably. The padding along the back is still pretty thick, which comes in handy since it is able to balance out the lumbar pad, creating some nicely deep channels for perfect air flow along the back. Good air flow is essential to every good backpack.

The pack’s shoulder straps are suitably adjustable since you can easily remove the Velcro and position the strap up or down its ladder located on the back. This enables you to adjust the straps accordingly to your torso height, making them ride well on your shoulders.

The shoulder straps are well-padded on the inside. The sternum strap has its own strap keeper, and can be adjusted up and down for comfort. Towards the top of the backpack’s shoulder straps, there are D-rings on which you can attach additional items to the pack. You can also attach some load-lifter straps to pull the load towards your back and in. The waist belt is nicely padded with several air channels within it. There are two rows of PALS-webbing on the outside. It has a good, thick nylon buckle and belt.

Side Pockets

This is where the Halftrack lets you explore your creativity in regards to packing all your gear. Between the side pouches and main body, there is a side pocket that runs through the full pocket’s depth. Your arms will perfectly fit in there to your elbow. There’s a hook on the top of these pockets for a 3-liter hydration bladder. Your bottle will fit perfectly in there. The side pocket has a lid which covers the entrance well.

These pockets do steal some space from the pack’s outside pouches. However, they come in handy for storing long items such as bottles, trekking poles, fishing rods, collapsible saws and small rifles. In most cases, you are forced to strap such items to the back of your bag when using other kinds of bags. There is an outside pouch which approximately measures 4-inches * 7-inches * 21-inches, 4 rows of PALS-webbing, a water bottle pouch at the bottom and a compression strap that has its own strap keeper.

You can have as many as 4 hydration bladders in the pack, which is perfectly adequate if you are in an area without drinking water, though the pack would get a bit heavy. The pouch is very accommodating overall, considering that you can pack many items on either side. There’s a drainage hole on the bottom-front corner of the side pockets, perforating both the big and water bottle pockets to let water drain if it gets inside.

Main Body

On opening the pack, you’ll see a nice silky lining. There are 8 rows of PALS-webbing on the flap lid, along a shelf in the middle which is suspended by several Velcro tabs. You may keep the shelf down or even put it up to enable you to divide the gear. On lowering the shelf, the two pockets and PALS-webbing at the back will be covered. Moving up the bag’s sides, there are 3 more little storage pockets so you can keep your gear properly organized. There’s a little mesh pocket on the back designed to hold any military radio. There are also two ports on both sides to allow for the antenna to protrude.

Carry a Bow or Rifle

Though the Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack does not come with any weapon-carrying system, Eberlestock avails a rifle or bow bucket system which can be mounted on any of their backpacks which feature PALS-webbing. This system is known as the ARCG Butt-Bucket Kit. It enables you to take weapons off your back without removing your backpack.

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  • It comes in a variety of colors, giving you a range of options to choose from.
  • It comes at an amazingly affordable price, offering far more than what you’d expect at such a price.
  • Its 2.5 kilograms weight allows the load to stay suitably close to your back and gives you more agility as you move through rough terrains and the woods.
  • You can totally remove the rain fly if you wish to make more room within the pack or you need to replace it with a new one in case you damage it.
  • Given that the aluminum stays are removable, you can bend them for a perfect fit.
  • The waist belt is easily removable through the Velcro in the back. You can remove it whenever you wish. Overall, this offers quite a nice carrying system.


  • The top compartment lacks some organization.
  • Some users claim that the water bottles seem like an after-though and are not very functional.
  • There are barely any straps at the bag’s bottom to allow you to attach additional items.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the side pockets carry a Nalgene?

A: The backpack’s side pockets enable you to carry as many as 4 Nalgenes at once, with two in each side.

Q: Does the product come with any warranty package?

A: All products from Eberlestock come with a simple life-time warranty.

Q: How effective is the rain cover?

A: The Halftrack comes with a light-weight pull-out rain cover that stows in a pocket at the bottom of the main bag’s compartment. This can be used to cover your pack and also go over any carried weapons.


Overall, the many great features described in this Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack Review give it a positive impression. Its main compartments bear tons of organization capabilities for small items. The side pockets also provide more flexibility for any odd-sized items. It is a front-loading, multi-day pack that will surprise you with its extreme adaptability and comfort. This pack will meet your needs, and overall we can say that the Eberlestock Halftrack is one of the best backpacks on the market.

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