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Mountain Pass Extreme Big Game Blaze Orange Camo Hunting Vest Review

Hunting vests are one of the most important gears a serious hunter needs in the field because they play a very important role in ensuring safety, comfort, and success during the hunting adventure. In this post we are happy to introduce to you the Mountain Pass Extreme Big Game Blaze Orange Camo Hunting Vest, which has over the years made a name for itself as one of the most useful hunting vests a hunter can lay their hands on thanks to the fact that it comes loaded with lots of wonderful features that take good care of you when you find yourself out in the field.

Mountain Pass Extreme Big Game Blaze Orange Camo Hunting Vest with Detail Features

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Massive Storage Space

The product comes with various pockets including Mini Mag flashlight pocket to keep your flashlight secured, two chest pockets and cell phone/GPS pockets to house your mobile phone. Also, the vest is fitted with two water bottle slots to ensure that you can conveniently carry drinking water with you on your adventure. Additionally, there is a huge cargo pouch at the front side of the vest that has shell holders in its interior. The rear of the vest is also fitted with another cargo pocket, which is not only large, but also comes with backpack-like straps whose main functions are to help you carry and transport items such as clothing. Furthermore, the Mountain Pass Extreme comes lined with a kangaroo pocket with features a large pouch on its exterior. This pouch also comes fitted with shotgun shell holders. There’s more! The vest comes with a grommeted license case whose primary role is to help you safely carry your hunting license in the field. Simply put, it has all the necessary pockets you’d ever need in a hunting vest! And the great thing about the numerous pockets and pouches of this vest is that in addition to giving you the a large storage space, they also allow you to store your hunting gear and other items in a super organized way while at the same time making it very easy for you to have access to the items whenever you need them.

Front Side Zipper

To set this vest apart from many others on the market, the manufacturers designed it with a front side zipper, which is one of its most useful selling points. But why is this feature so important? It is simply vital because it makes it very easy for you to slip it on and take it off.

Windproof Construction

Unlike some other hunting vests out there, this vest is made of a high-quality windproof material which serves many purposes, most notably being impervious to wind, regardless of how wild the wind is. It also provides you with warmth when the weather becomes very cold.

HunterHide Fabric

The Mountain Pass Extreme is made of a heavy-duty fabric called HunterHide. This fabric is woven and so durable that it can withstand heavy use and all manners of abuse. On top of that, this fabric is designed in such a way that it hardly collects annoying “clingons” such as burrs. Also, the material is pretty quiet. As a result of this, you don’t need to worry much about it creating tell-tale noises as you move through the woods to announce your presence to the animals.

Multiple Colors

The Mountain Pass Extreme can be purchased in two very beautiful colors: either Solid Blaze Orange or Orange Camo. And whether you opt for the former or latter color, you can rest assured that each color is bright enough to advertise your presence to other hunters, thereby aiding to keep you safe from being accidentally shot.

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  • The Mountain Pass Extreme is tough and very durable enough to withstand abuse for years.
  • It comes in bright colors to provide you with additional safety.
  • It is very easy to put on and take off thanks to its front side zipper.
  • The vest comes with tons of pockets to safely store your gear.
  • The pockets are easy to access.
  • The fabric used in making the vest is windproof.
  • It comes with a grommeted license holder and a safety strap slot that can be found in the vest’s rear neck area.
  • The vest is cut very generously and is very comfortable to wear.
  • The manufacturers have so much confidence in its durability that they support it with a 1-year warranty.


  • The material is thick and might not be the best to be worn on hot days.
  • A number of customers have complained about some of the zips breakings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Mountain Pass Extreme?

A. This vest is manufactured by Gamehide – a well-known manufacturer and supplier of outdoor lifestyle garments. Gamehide is based in the United States.

Q. Does the Mountain Pass Extreme come with a warranty?

A. Yes, it does. The manufacturers of the vest Gamehide support all their products with a 1-year warranty.

Q. Do the pockets come with shell holders?

A. Yes, they do. For example, the kangaroo pocket comes with shotgun holders in its external pouch.

Q. Does the vest come with a slot for a water bottle?

A. Yes, it does. With the Mountain Pass Extreme in your possession, you get two water bottle slots that can be found at the rear.

Q. What are the backpack-like straps on the large cargo pocket at the rear of the vest meant for?

A. These straps are designed mainly to haul items. For example, you can use them to haul something like your insulated clothing.

Q. Is this hunting vest noisy?

A. No, it isn’t. It is very quiet in the wind. In addition to that, it is also pretty silent when going through the woods.

Q. How many colors can I purchase this vest in?

A. The Mountain Pass Extreme comes in two colors: Orange Camo and Solid Blaze Orange.

Q. Is the Mountain Pass Extreme made of fleece?

A. No, it isn’t. The vest is made from a woven fabric called HunterHide, whose durability is several times higher than that of fleece.

Q. Is this vest insulated?

A. No, it is not insulated.

Final Verdict

If you are a hunter, who really wants to move your hunting adventure to another exciting level, especially one that would bring you comfort, safety, and success, then the Mountain Pass Extreme Big Game Hunting Vest is definitely one that is worth considering. And the best part of it is that despite all its appealing qualities, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, unlike some other hunting vests that come with even lesser functionalities. Also, the vest is covered by a 1-year warranty!

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