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Hunting Jacket Guide

As a hunter, even if you equipped yourself with all the hunting equipment in the world and failed to include a good hunting jacket, you gear is considered incomplete simply because you have left out one of the most essential hunting clothing item. Simply put, you do yourself a great disservice venturing on a hunting spree without packing a reliable hunting jacket. In this hunting jacket guide, we shall take a look at, among other things, the reasons why wearing a suitable jacket is important during a hunting adventure, the vital things you need to look out for when shopping for a jacket to take with you into the wild, and some of the best hunting jackets that are available for purchase on the market. So without further ado, let us now delve deeper into this very educative guide.

Importance of Hunting Jackets

Without question, there is no substitute for a reliable hunting jacket in the wild. The following are some of the numerous reasons why a jacket is widely regarded as one of the most important clothing items every serious hunter should have on them during any hunting trip that they venture on:

Enhanced Protection

Embarking on a hunting adventure wearing a jacket will keep you protected from a variety of things including harsh weather, insects, and even animals. Examples of jackets that keep you safe from the elements include jackets that come with water proof and wind proof abilities. A camouflage jacket that allows you to blend seamlessly into your environment can keep you hidden from certain dangerous animals. Aside from protecting you from the elements and animals, some good jackets also come with certain features such as a blaze orange color to keep you safe from your fellow hunters. How does the orange color keep you safe? We hear you ask! It simply advertises your presence to other hunters, so they don’t mistake you for an animal and fire at you.

Enhanced Comfort

Another good reason why a hunting jacket is an essential gear for a hunter is the fact that it can greatly enhance your comfort in the wild. Besides protecting your skin from the bites of mosquitoes and other insects, these jackets can protect your arms from getting scratched or injured by brushes and tree branches as you walk or run past them. Jackets can also enhance your comfort by keeping you warm when hunting in cold climates. Some of the best hunting jackets on the market come with insulation, which allows them to trap your body warmth and prevent cold air from coming into contact with your body, thereby keeping you warm and comfortable when the weather gets cold. Furthermore, some jackets also come with waterproof properties to help keep you dry and comfortable when you find yourself in wet environment. Others are also made with breathable fabrics to help reduce perspiration and keep you comfortable all day long.

Extra Storage

The majority of hunting jackets come with multiple pockets and storage compartments to make storing and organizing of smaller hunting gear ranging from game calls to shells to spotting scopes more convenient and easy to access. Some of these jackets even come with compartments (game bags) that a hunter can use to easily and comfortably carry his/her small catch.

Anonymity from Game

Some jackets have the ability to increase your likelihood of experiencing a successful hunt since they help in concealing your presence from the animals that you are desperately hunting. These jackets come with such features as camouflage designs and patterns, which allow you to blend perfectly into your hunting grounds; odor control technology, which prevents your scent from being detected by animals with keen sense of smell; and noiseless fabrics, which allow you to move through the shrubs without creating any noise to alarm the animals. All these features contribute in making you remain hidden and undetectable by animals.

Things to look out for when purchasing a Hunting Jacket

The advantages of owning a good hunting jacket, which we mentioned above, has probably motivated you to go out there and get yourself one. If this is the case, you have just made the right decision. But in choosing a jacket, don’t settle for any and any one. You should endeavor to go in for one that would keep you comfortable, enhance your performance, and not disappoint you on the field.

The content below will introduce you to some of the most important things to watch out for before shelling out your hard earned cash and purchasing a hunting jacket which might end up not having the ability to cater to your hunting needs.


Of course quality is one of the biggest things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a jacket for hunting! Since a hunting jacket is normally subjected to an extraordinary amount of abuse in the field, it has to be quality and toughly built enough to withstand whatever the harsh conditions of the wilderness would throw at it. The higher the quality of your jacket is, the higher its chances become of not letting you down. Also, it’s common knowledge that quality things normally last longer than inferior ones and are therefore cost effective.


How comfortable is the jacket? The amount of comfort your jacket offers you plays a crucial role in determining how enjoyable your hunting expedition ends up being. So you want to go in for a jacket that comes loaded with comfort-enhancing features such as the following:

  • Windproof: Protects you from cold winds and keeps you warm.
  • Breathability: Allows the jacket to breathe, thereby preventing the retention of too much heat and perspiration build-up.
  • Water resistant/proof: Helps in keeping you dry and warm in the rain, snow, etc.
  • Active fit:  Allows for freedom of movement.
  • Lightweight construction: Helps in reducing your likelihood of fatiguing easily while enhancing your freedom to move.

Water-Resistant/ Water Proof

In order to ensure you remain comfortable during your hunt, the jacket you settle for should be one that is designed in such a manner that it can keep you significantly warm and dry by protecting you from rain, snow, or any other type of moisture found in a wet environment. This feature is particularly significant for you if your hunting would be predominantly taking place in a cold climate or in an environment/region that is wet.

Wind Protection

Most good jackets are made of windproof/resistant fabrics which incorporate things such as GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Technology which not only prevents the wind from getting through them but also allows for excellent breathability. This feature is very useful since it keeps you warm during very windy and cold conditions yet prevents you from perspiring excessively in warm weather.

Well Insulated

Your hunting jacket should have insulation to keep you warm as you chase after game even in the coldest of temperatures. The insulation will help maintain your body heat while preventing the cold air around you from passing through the fabrics of the jacket and getting to you. It is for this reason we strongly advice against using a non-insulated jacket during cold weather hunting since it might not have the ability to protect you from the cold air or snow.


The breathability of the jacket is another very crucial thing you need to take a look at. The more breathable the fabrics of your jacket are, the more comfortable the jacket is going to be. But what exactly do we mean by the term “breathable”? A fabric or garment that is breathable is simply one that allows air to easily pass through it. Simply put, your jacket should not inhibit the proper circulation of air within it. But wouldn’t the jacket’s ability to breathe contradict the earlier point of a well-insulated jacket, which prevents cold air from penetrating the jacket? Not at all!

The interesting thing is that these days, thanks to advancement in technology, many good jackets are designed to give you the best of both worlds in that they come with excellent insulation to keep you warm in cold climate and a breathable construction to allow for proper circulation during hot days. Hence breathable insulated jackets are perfect for all seasons.

Multiple Pockets/Storage Compartments

The jacket should have multiple pockets or storage compartments to make it easier and very convenient to not only stash essential items ranging from binoculars to shells to your lunch but to also make them easily accessible whenever you need them. A good jacket that comes with sufficient storage compartments saves you from needing to constantly carry a hunting backpack everywhere you go. These days, some hunting jackets even come with blood proof game bags that you can use to securely store your small catch like birds and squirrels.

Strap System

A jacket with a good strapping system is always a plus since it provides for additional storage which allows you to carry loads that are pretty heavy. These straps would often be found on the jacket’s waist and chest.

Inbuilt Blaze/Hunter Orange

The laws of many jurisdictions require hunters to wear blaze (hunter) orange when hunting. The primary reason why this is important is because it saves lives. Wearing blaze orange in the field greatly decreases your likelihood of being mistaken for game by another hunter in the vicinity and being accidentally shot down. The unique brightness of the orange color is very effective to human eyes. Hence a fellow hunter can see you from miles away and identify you as a human being. This is the reason why when you get a hunting jacket that comes with patches of blaze orange on its exterior, you have found a good thing that could possibly save your life during a hunt. And what’s more, besides keeping you safe during your hunting expedition, the inbuilt orange on the jacket’s exterior meets the hunter safety requirement, thereby preventing you from flouting the laws of the state in which you hunt. It’s noteworthy that currently the majority of states (43 out of 50 states) in the USA require hunters to put on blaze orange in the field. Even for those few states whose laws don’t require you to do so, it is still a wise idea to go hunting wearing Blaze Orange Vest.

Noise Output

It is a fact that the more quietly you stalk an animal, the higher your chances become of actually catching it. This is why it becomes imperative that in choosing a hunting jacket, you go in for the one that produces the least noise. Choose one whose materials are designed to be as noiseless as possible, so you can move silently through the woods and get very close to your prey without being detected. The last thing you want to do is advertise your presence to the animal you are stalking with the noise your jacket creates. All in all, all things being equal, if you have a choice between a jacket made from a garment that is noisy and one made from a garment or material that is silent, don’t go in for the latter since that can be very detrimental to the success of your adventure.

Scent Blocker/Odor Control

These days some jackets are so technologically advanced that they come with features that trap or prevent your scent from coming out. Why is this important? The interesting thing about animals is that some of them have extremely keen senses of smell and can smell your scent from a significant distance. Take deer for example, which have a sense of smell that is so incredibly keen that they can easily pick the faintest odor coming from your body from great distances. One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a hunter is the following scenario: after spending hours on end stalking an animal, and just as you are about to take that perfect shot and bag it, your scent gives your location away and sends the animal fleeing!  A hunting jacket equipped with a scent blocker can prevent this highly frustrating scenario from occurring.

Safety Harness Compatibility

If you are going to be hunting from a treestand, then your jacket’s ability to be used easily and safely with a safety harness becomes a very important feature. Try looking for hunting jackets that have inbuilt safety harness access or openings.

Top Hunting Jackets

Like you have seen from the content above, a reliable hunting jacket is a very useful gear that will support you in no small way in your pursuit of game. But choosing one can sometimes be quite a challenging experience due to the fact that the market is currently brimful with so many different models and types – some of which are good and some of which are not so good. By all accounts, this makes it quite difficult or frustrating for anyone to sift through the myriads available on the market to get the one that would suit their hunting needs best. To help you in narrowing down your options and making the selection process much easier, our team of experts, after a very extensive research, picked the best jackets on the market aimed at hunters and reviewed each one of them concisely in the list below. Go through the list, which consists of jackets for both male and female hunters, and choose whichever that fits your hunting type/style and needs.

Sitka Men’s Jetstream Jacket

The Sitka Men’s Jetstream Jacket is undoubtedly one of the best companions for any male hunter whose hunting ventures take him through chilly temperatures and windy conditions. This jacket features the Gore-Tex Windstopper Soft-Shell which is 100% windproof, thus providing total protection from wind.

Another important feature of this gear is its impressive breathable construction – a very useful feature that prevents overheating of your body and too much perspiration. This feature not only enhances your comfort but also prevents you from developing body odor (which is notorious for exposing your presence to the game you are hunting).

Thinking of when conditions like storms, light rains and snow flurries crop up? You have absolutely nothing to worry about because the durable water resistant finish employed in this outstanding jacket readily keeps you protected from the aforementioned conditions and even more.

The Jetstream Jacket also combines unique features that make the detective mechanisms of game completely useless in detecting your presence! These features include the soft, noise-free stretchy nature, which prevents your jacket from creating noise and announcing your presence to the animal(s) you are hunting; the breathable construction that reduces odor, which can reduce the ability of animals to use their keen senses of smell to detect you; and the technologically advanced GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment, which is designed to prevent the animals around you from identifying you as a predator.

Furthermore, the Jetstream Jacket offers you great comfort and free movement to bring about peak performance when hunting in the most unfriendly weather conditions and terrains that you can imagine. You can use this jacket for bird hunting, bow, and gun deer hunting, while climbing on a treestand etc. If you move a lot during your hunting expedition and get hot, the Pit Zips will really help you circulate the air.

Last but not least, Sitka Gear awards you a warranty of an estimate of the cost of repair should your jacket breakdown as a result of things such as wear, tear or improper usage. And in the case where there is damage as a result of a defect in material or inferior workmanship, your jacket is replaced by Sitka Gear totally free of charge!

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  • Great Durability! The Jetstream Jacket lasts longer than most of its counterparts on the market because it is made of high-quality materials.
  • It offers great protection from the wind thanks to the Gore-Tex Windstopper Soft Shells it is made with.
  • It features Gore’s renowned Optifade Concealment System to keep you concealed from game.
  • In addition to being windproof, it is also breathable.
  • It is very comfortable and allows for an excellent amount of freedom to move.
  • It is water resistant.
  • It is supported by a limited warranty.


  • It would have been better if the hood could come off.
  • Many customers have complained that the jacket runs small. It is a good idea to get a size up especially if you are going to wear many layers while hunting in cold weather.

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Kryptek Aegis Extreme Jacket

When it comes to a hunter’s vest that combines attributes highly demanded by today’s hunters, the Kryptek Aegis Extreme Jacket is one of the most ideal vests available on the market. This hunting garment boasts of 100% durable waterproof and windproof laminations that shield you from the rains and winds.

Another vital feature of the Aegis Extreme Jacket is the PrimaLoft body-mapping insulation technology – a system that utilizes your body map to achieve maximum warmth in cold weather. In addition to that, the jacket also comes with special zipper vents located around the under arm section. The primary purpose of this feature is to bring about proper heat regulation.

When it comes to storage systems, Kryptek did a great job equipping this jacket with loads of that. There are internal pockets at the chest section to aid in safely housing items such as keys and maps. There is also another zippered pocket located on the jacket’s chest for storing even more items that you always want to be readily available to you as you hunt. As if all this storage isn’t enough, the manufacturers also include two zippered hand warmer pockets on either side of the jacket to ensure that your hands are kept warm when the weather gets cold. And on top of all that, every single zipper is waterproof.

In addition to the appealing qualities mentioned above, the fabric of this unique jacket features some amount of elasticity to cater for free movement during hunting to enhance the wearer’s performance.

Other important attributes that come with the Kryptek Aegis Extreme Jacket are the hem pull cords made to keep heat within, a removable hood to aid customization of your jacket to suit the present conditions available on the field, a lightweight construction, a super light construction, and a warranty that gives you some peace of mind. [easyazon_link identifier=”B00FH3L1BM” locale=”US” tag=”azhunt-20″]>>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon! <<<[/easyazon_link]


  • It is 100% waterproof.
  • It is 100% windproof.
  • The zippers are totally waterproof.
  • It is backed by manufacturer warranty.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It comes with multiple pockets, including hand warming pockets.


  • Some customers complain about the sleeves being too small – a situation they claim makes their arms feel restricted when they wear the jacket.

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Kryptek Men’s Tartaros Hoodie Top

Are you on the search for a comfortable hoodie to wear as a mid-layering garment or a stand-alone piece of gear? If you answered yes, then the Kryptek Men’s Tartaros Hoodie Top , which is proudly designed and manufactured by Kryptek won’t be a bad idea at all! When it comes to tactical characteristics and peak performance in apparels, Kryptek takes no chances at all. Coming with a fabric composed of 97.5% polyester and 2.5% spandex, the Tartaros Hoodie Top is stretchy enough to bring about free movement and comfort. In addition to that, the hoodie features an elastic fabric kangaroo pocket at the front designed to conveniently and safely carry your hunting items. The hoodie, which can also be used as an excellent everyday casual wear, also comes with an impressive three-piece hood that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. And that isn’t all! This versatile hoodie can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. Here are the 3 major patterns you can purchase the Tartaros Hoodie Top in:

  • The Typhon: The Typhon camo pattern assists hunters who love prowling in the night to probe further to regions and terrains which would have otherwise been difficult to venture.
  • The Highlander: No matter how varied the terrains or geographical regions you find yourself in becomes, you are sure of maximum stealth if you are outfitted in Kryptek’s Highlander camo pattern.
  • The Yeti: Kryptek’s Yeti pattern is designed to help make you and your snowy surroundings one. This greatly increases your chances of enjoying success when hunting in the snow.

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  • The Kryptek Men’s Tartaros Hoodie Top is a high quality and well-constructed hoodie.
  • It fits very well.
  • It is light in weight and very comfortable to wear.
  • It’s great for layering.
  • It comes in multiple colors and camo patterns to cater to a wide variety of hunting environments and needs.
  • It is a very versatile hoodie, which can be used for a hunting expedition as well as a normal casual wear.
  • The 3-piece hood comes with draw adjustment to facilitate easy adjustments.
  • The hoodie comes with a multi-directional design that allows for an outstanding level of concealment in a wide variety of terrains and environments.


  • Some customers have complained about the material being a little bit too thin for their liking – especially when worn in cold weather.
  • The material would have been absolutely excellent for camouflage had it not been for the fact that it shines quite a bit when it is exposed to light.

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Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Workwear Jacket

Legendary Whitetails has over the years made a name for itself as a producer of some of the best apparels that provide comfort, protection and boost the performance of hunters. And their Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Jacket is a testament to their knack for producing high quality and reliable items.

Coming with a fabric, which is extremely tough and protective, without question, the Trail Bag Game Jacket is built to last! This jacket, which is made of 100% polyester and 100% cotton, has 210-grams of pure insulation that enhances your comfort. It is more a fall weather Jacket (good for 30-40 degrees) and not a winter jacket (not for 10-20 degrees). It is a Great all around jacket and it is very stylish!

In addition to that, the jacket comes with a heavy duty 10 oz. sanded canvas which further enhances your comfort by ensuring you have a snug fit all the time.

And when it comes to storage, you need not worry at all because there are two interior pockets available to assist you safely and conveniently store certain hunting items you might wish to have on you all the time. The jacket’s detachable hood is also another outstanding feature worth talking about. This detachable hood can be easily removed from the jacket with the help of a zipper in the event you decide you don’t need because it’s in your way or it just doesn’t look cool with your outfit.

By all accounts, the Trail Bag Game Jacket is a well-made and very comfortable jacket that would suit you much better in the wild than most other similar jackets thanks to the impressive attributes it exudes.

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  • It is a nice, pretty and comfortable coat.
  • The price is good.
  • It is durable.
  • The hood can be easily detached from the jacket by a zipper.
  • It has the ability to block both wind and cold, thereby keeping you warm in cold weather.


  • The jacket would have been better if it were waterproof.

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Wildfowler Outfitter Performance Camo Hunting Insulated Parka

Staying obscure from the acute eyes of your prey isn’t an easy hurdle to jump at all, especially when not in the right kind of hunting garment. But thanks to Wildfowler’s Outfitter Performance Camo Hunting Insulated Parka, it’s pretty easy melting into your hunting environment and staying totally hidden from game.

Being specialists in ensuring that hunters remain hidden from animals, Wildflower equipped this jacket with outstanding camo patterns that help the hunter to easily camouflage themselves in their surroundings. To further mask the hunter’s presence from nearby animals, the jacket is made of a soft and very quiet tricot material whose noise output is so minimal that the surrounding animals would find it very difficult hearing the hunter’s movements.

When it comes to the issue of comfort, the Outfitter offers plenty of that to the wearer in a variety of ways. For example, it can easily keep you warm whenever the temperature drops thanks to the fact that it is properly insulated and hooded. The fabrics used in making the jacket are breathable and therefore allow air to circulate properly to reduce perspiration. Also, this hunting outfit is totally waterproof – a very important feature that keeps you warm and dry. Furthermore, it comes with pouch pockets and a side hand warmer to keep your hands toasty in very cold temperatures.

Other cool features of the Outfitter include well-placed pockets, which are very easy to access; cuffs, which come with Velcro closures; a quality construction, which ensures that the jacket lasts a long time; and a zippered front. It comes in two Camo Patterns, WildGrass and WildTree Snow.

All in all, we can conclude by saying that the Outfitter is a perfect example of a jacket that can be used comfortably for all types of hunting.

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  • It is a great jacket for various kinds of hunting, including winter hunting.
  • Its taped seams make it waterproof.
  • It is a durable and well-made jacket.
  • Its camo patterns and quiet outer material help in keeping you completely hidden from game.
  • It is a very comfortable jacket thanks to the fact that it is well insulated and very breathable.
  • It comes with a hood that features an elastic drawcord.
  • It has a zippered front that comes with storm flap.


  • Despite the manufacturers claim that the jacket is 100% waterproof, it really isn’t.
  • The hood isn’t removable.
  • Instead of two side hand warmers, the jacket comes with only one, which is odd.

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Carhartt Men’s Active Jacket

The Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket is another very effective and reliable hunting jacket that is designed to provide you ultimate protection and comfort on the field. Manufactured from a 12-ounce cotton duck, which is both water and wind resistant, this jacket is one of the most durable hunting jackets you can find on the market thanks to a myriad of factors, including its main seams that are triple stitched.

Besides its impressive durable construction and abilities to repel wind and water, this made in the United States jacket comes with a hood, body and sleeves that are lined with quilted flannel to provide warmth and keep you super toasty and comfortable when the temperature drops. Also, the renowned Realtree Xtra® camouflage pattern of the Active Jacket aids you greatly in your hunt as it helps you blend excellently in the woods, thereby providing you great stealth as you quietly move through the foliage in pursuit of game.

In addition to all these outstanding features mentioned, the Active Jacket also boasts of a brilliant storage system made up of two large pockets located at its front and two additional pockets located in its interior to safely store certain essential items you might want on your person all the time.

All in all, the Active Jacket is one of the most durable hunting jackets out there designed to provide you with maximum comfort in the wild and keep you concealed from animals in order to increase your chances of enjoying a successful hunt.

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  • The Active Jacket is both wind-resistant and water-repellent.
  • It is highly durable. It is designed to provide you with a great amount of warmth and keep you comfortable.
  • It comes with sufficient storage compartments and pockets.
  • The waist and cuffs of the jacket are rib-knit in order to provide more warmth in cold atmospheres.
  • It is proudly made in the United States of America.
  • It is backed by a warranty.


  • Had the hood been detachable, customers would have really had very little to complain about this jacket.

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Legendary Whitetails Ladies Power Quarter Zip Hoodie

The Legendary Whitetails Ladies Power Quarter Zip Hoodie, as the name implies, is a hoodie primarily aimed at the female hunter whose goal is to make her hunting expedition as comfortable and as successful as possible.

This all camo mid-weight hoodie comes with a soft and silky interior that greatly makes it super comfortable to wear for hours on end. In addition to the exceptional comfort it provides, another outstanding highlight of this famous women’s hoodie is the quarter zip that it comes with. This quarter zip is designed to make the process of putting on the hoodie and taking it off very easy.

Another appealing feature of the Ladies Power Quarter Zip Hoodie we definitely have to talk about is its extremely low noise output. Unlike other hoodies that create very loud noises during movements, this hoodie, which is made of 100% Polyester, is very soft and quiet. Thus making it a great hoodie for stalking various kinds of game.

It is not designed for cold weather. Definitely, a Fall weather type of hoodie since the inside is not enough for extreme cold conditions.

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  • It runs true to size.
  • It is a very quite hoodie.
  • It is comfortable and very easy to wear and take off.
  • It comes in multiple colors, including Big Game Field Camo, Big Game Glacier, Big Game Snow Camo and EVO Pink.
  • It is very quality and light in weight.
  • It is fashionable.


  • Some women claim the hoodie runs small.

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North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage 3D Leafy Hunting Suit

The North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit is designed to allow the hunter blend perfectly into his/her surroundings, thereby making it very difficult for the animal he/she is stalking to easily identify him. This is one of the biggest attributes of the Leafy Hunting Suit that separates it from others on the market. But how exactly does this hunting suit keep you hidden from game in the woods? It does so in a variety of amazing ways. First of all, its camouflage leafy appearance looks so natural that it can easily pass as a foliage day or night. Secondly, the suit is designed in such a manner that it easily eliminates the wearer’s human outline or silhouette, thereby making it even harder for an animal to detect the wearer’s presence. In addition to all that, the fabrics of the suit are silent and therefore will not create loud noises to draw the attention of the animal you are targeting. The suit’s unique ability to blend you perfectly with your surroundings in the woods makes it excellent for hunting a variety of game animals, most notably deer.

Another major selling point of this full front zippered hunting suit is the fact that it is super comfortable to wear. Appealing attributes such as its lightweight construction, an adjustable hood, and a really forgiving fit are responsible for the comfort you enjoy whenever you wear this suit.

And just like most good hunting suits, the issue of storage isn’t a problem with this particular suit, considering the fact that it comes with 2 pockets at its front, which have zippered closures to keep your hunting items safe and easily accessible.

All in all, if you are looking for a really nice hunting suit that would make you invisible to your prey (especially deer), this outstanding leafy suit is definitely one of the best options out there for you.

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  • It fits well.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and compact.
  • It is breathable.
  • It is easy to put on and take off.
  • It’s great for stalking game, especially deer.
  • It comes at a price that is reasonably fair.
  • It comes with an adjustable hood, a jacket, and pants.
  • It has elastic waist and cuffs.


  • It can easily get torn or ripped if care isn’t taking when using it.

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Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit

The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit gives you an edge over many other hunting suits in your quest to blend into the woods to make yourself undetectable by game. The suit is designed purposely to look like the surrounding foliage or underbrush in order to make a hunter become part of his/her surroundings. Hence he/she is able to conceal him/herself better while stalking the animals he/she is hunting.

The suit eliminates your natural human outline by giving your outline a three-dimensional breakup to make it even more difficult for animals to identify you as a human being, thereby making it an excellent companion for various types of hunting, especially duck hunting and other types of hunts, whose success rely heavily on deception and concealment.

When it comes to compactness, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit isn’t the most compact hunting suit on the market. But despite its bulky appearance, it is a very comfortable suit because it is very light in weight and made of breathable polyester which allows for the proper circulation of air and reduces perspiration.

This outstanding 5-piece suit comes with the following wonderful items:

  • Hood: The hood has the ability to cover the wearer’s entire head as well as their neck. And what’s more, it has a drawstring chin strap that can be used to easily adjust it.
  • Pants: The pants have elastic waist and also come with a drawstring to give you a perfect fit. The ankle areas of the pants feature snap closures to make it easier for them to cover your boots.
  • Jacket: The jacket features an elastic waist band as well as a snap closure front.
  • Gun wrap: The gun wrap has the ability to completely cover the average-sized rifle or shotgun.
  • Stuff sack: All the four items mentioned above can be conveniently placed in the stuff sack the suit comes with.

And what’s more, the suit can be purchased in multiple sizes and multiple colors, including woodland camouflage, snow camouflage, ACU camouflage and desert camouflage. If you are looking for a great ghillie suit that will effectively conceal your presence in the woods to make your hunting endeavors such as duck hunting more successful, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit would certainly suit much better than many others. No pun intended!

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  • Despite its bulkiness, it is very light.
  • It is constructed from breathable polyester, thereby making it a very comfortable suit to wear.
  • You can wear clothing underneath it, thereby making it an excellent suit for layering.
  • It is available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • It comes with a mesh veil that protects your face and neck from mosquitoes and other bugs.


  • The carrying case (stuff sack) is a little bit too small to contain the bulky suit.
  • It can easily get caught on a lot of things as you move or creep through the bushes.
  • The jute or synthetic threads on the suit tend to fall out easily.

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Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit™ – by Arcturus Camo

Arcturus Camo Gear, which is an American company well noted for introducing onto the market some of the most outstanding ghillie suits, has done it once again with its renowned Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit™for hunters. And with this gear, you can bet your bottom dollar that your hunting experience is going to be taken to another exciting level!

The Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit is made of a very lightweight polyester mesh shell that contributes significantly to its overall lightness. The suit is fully covered with more than a thousand natural-looking artificial leaves fashioned to break your body outline and shape, thereby blending you totally into the foliage surrounding you and making it extremely difficult to be spotted by your prey. To further enhance your invisibility, the artificial 3D leaves are designed to sway in windy conditions as though they were real leaves. And on top of that, unlike some other ghillie suits whose leaves easily catch onto things and pick up debris, the leaves of the Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit are designed in such a sophisticated manner that they are able to avoid catching twigs, branches or debris as you move around. This amazing attribute not only makes the suit free of dirt but also prevents it from becoming heavy on account of picking up all manner of debris.

The Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit, which excels in areas that contain tall and thick brushes as well as heavily wooded regions, comes with the following items:

  • A hooded jacket that has a full front zipper.
  • Pants that come with a draw-string and have a very elastic waist.
  • A carrying bag that can conveniently store the suit.

And as if all the above mentioned goodies aren’t enough, the suit comes in multiple color camo patterns for you to pick from. These camo patterns include the following:

  • Autumn: This pattern, which comes with shades of orange, is perfect for hunting in the fall (autumn).
  • Summer Green: This camo pattern, which comes in green shades, blends very well with various types of foliage.
  • Fall Forest: This brownish pattern is best for any type of forest region you find yourself hunting in. And it can be used in any season.
  • Dark Woodland: This color blends very well in extremely deep woods, where a range of colors and light exist.

By virtue of its outstanding features, the Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit is one of the most reliable hunting suits that any hunter can lay their hands on in the sense that it is suitable to be used on a wide variety of terrains and can take care of various kinds of hunting styles. Also, it is great for hunting both small and big game.

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  • Weighing just 18 oz, the Arcturus 3D Leafy Camo Ghillie Suit™ is nothing short of super light.
  • Its 3D dimensional camouflage and leaves allow the wearer to blend perfectly into his/her environment.
  • It can be purchased in different sizes and color patterns.
  • It is silent.
  • It’s great for hunting both big game and small game.
  • Unlike the average ghillie suit on the market, it is not very prone to snagging, therefore, making it very easy to move in.
  • It comes with a hooded jacket, pants, and a very useful carrying bag.


  • Some say that the suit’s white coloring glows under black light.
  • The fabric is thin and it rips open easily

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