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Primos Gunhunter’s Vest Review

One of the most important things that every professional gun or muzzloader hunter craves for is the ability to make great shots during a hunt. And a good way to achieve this is by having all the things that are essential for making that perfect shot well organized and stored in one place so that reaching for them is as easy as possible. In this article, we introduce to you the Primos Gunhunter’s Vest, which is a hunting vest that is not only capable of doing just that, but also immensely capable of enhancing the comfort of the hunter and allowing them to perform at their best in the field. This review shall take a detailed look at the reasons why the Gunhunter’s Vest has the ability to do all this by way of looking at the prominent features it comes with. Also, before concluding the review, we shall look at some of the pros and cons that come with owning this vest as well as some commonly asked questions by customers and potential customers alike with regard to the Gunhunter’s Vest.

Primos Gunhunter’s Vest with Detail Features

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License Tag Holder

Hunting licenses and wildlife tags rank very high in the list of the most important things that every hunter must carry along with them when hunting. And with the Gunhunter’s Vest in your possession, carrying these items is made remarkably safer and more convenient thanks to the license tag holder that the vest comes fitted with.

Loads of Storage Space

The Gunhunter’s Vest makes the storing your items and keeping them well organized extremely easy thanks to the fact that it comes with loads of well designed pockets/compartments such as multiple large button pockets on its exterior for the carriage of your binoculars, a game pouch to safely store your kill, and a shooting stick pocket, which is elastic enough to conveniently carry your shooting sticks. Furthermore, the vest comes with hand warming pockets to keep your hands warm when the temperature drops and two generously sized interior pockets that can be used to store other items.

PVC Waterproof Lining

The pull down waterproof lining made of PVC is another key feature of the Gunhunter’s Vest that clearly distinguishes it from the majority of its competitors out there. This feature is designed purposely for use in wet environment to keep you dry regardless of where you decide to sit. When not being used, this pull down waterproof lining can be conveniently stored in the vest’s interior with the aid of a hook and loop fastener that it is cleverly fitted with.

Blaze Orange Color

The blaze orange color of the vest not only helps meet the visibility requirements of your region/state, but it will also play an instrumental role in keeping you safe during your hunt. It keeps you safe by making your presence visible enough to other hunters in order to save you from being accidentally shot.

Compass on a Zipper

It is a fact that not too many hunting vests on the market come equipped with compasses! And the fact that the Gunhunter’s Vest comes equipped with one is a clear testament to its superiority over others in its class. Thanks to this compass, which is attached to the zipper of one of the front pockets, you’ll have no problem finding your bearings at any given time, thereby saving you from the dreadful experience of getting lost in the woods. And what’s more, the compass is pretty easy to read!

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  • In addition to keeping you safe in the field, the blaze orange color of the Gunhunter’s Vest will also help meet the visibility requirements of your state.
  • The vest comes with a license tag holder to safely and conveniently carry your hunting license and wildlife tag.
  • The material used in constructing the vest is quiet, thereby allowing you to move quietly through the woods.
  • It comes with plenty of room to store your items.
  • Thanks to the safety harness opening this vest comes with, your safety is enhanced.
  • It is equipped with a compass that saves you from getting lost.
  • The vest’s numerous pockets are pretty easy to access.
  • The vest is equipped with hand warming pockets that produce heat on demand in order to keep your hands toasty in cold weather.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • According to many customers, the Gunhunter’s Vest comes at a reasonably good price.
  • It is fitted with a LED light that performs a number of functions, including enhancing your visibility and safety.


  • It comes with a decent game pouch. However, because of the location of the game pouch, which is on the back of the vest, it can be quite challenging accessing it. To access it, you’d either have to take off the vest or let someone else do it on your behalf.
  • Many customers have expressed disappointments over the vest’s overall construction, which isn’t the best with regard to quality.

Primos Gunhunter’s Vest Presentaion Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Gunhunter’s Vest?

A. The vest is manufactured by Primos Hunting – a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., which is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of shooting sports and outdoor items.

Q. Is the vest insulated?

A. No, it isn’t. However, despite not being insulated, its thick nature provides more warmth than the average hunting vest out there.

Q. Does the Gunhunter’s Vest come with a game pouch/bag to carry my game?

A. Yes, it does. The game pouch is located on the vest’s back.

Q. What colors can I get the Gunhunter’s Vest in?

A. You can purchase this vest in only one color – Blaze Orange.

Q. Is this vest waterproof?

A. It isn’t waterproof, but it is to a certain degree water resistant.

Q. Is the Gunhunter’s Vest quiet?

A. It is much quieter than several others on the market.

Q. Does the Gunhunter’s Vest come with hand warmer pockets?

A. Yes, it does.

Q. Where is the vest’s license tag holder located?

A. You can find it at the back of the vest.

Final Verdict

With features such as a blaze orange color, an interior pocket for your cell phone, a license holder, a compass attached to a zipper, and a PVC waterproof lining, the Gunhunter’s Vest has been carefully designed with virtually everything you’d need in the field to keep you comfortable and organized enough to focus on nothing but your hunt. Therefore if you are a gun hunter looking for a very useful vest, then we have no doubt in our minds that this outstanding all round hunting vest from Primos Hunting would suit you much better than many others out there.

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