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Mueller Target Rifle Scope Black 8-32×44 Review

When looking for a rifle scope you have several goals in mind. The first is being able to clearly see distant objects without straining your eyes, while another is to easily adjust the scope for better clarity and accuracy. You also want good side focus parallax plus exposed target turrets so as to easily and quickly spot a target.

The Black, 8-32 x 44mm Mueller Target Rifle Scope seems to be the perfect fit and comes with a range of features that make it ideal for day-to-day use. When out hunting or target practicing, you want to spend minimal time focusing or adjusting your view. To get a better idea about this rifle scope, read the helpful Black 8-32×44 Mueller Target Rifle Scope Review below.

Black 8-32×44 Mueller Target Rifle Scope Review with Detail Features

Mueller Target Rifle Scope, Black, 8-32 x 44mm

Fast Focus Eyepiece

Like any hunting or rifle enthusiast will tell you, the speed at which you spot the target determines whether you will hit or miss it. The Mueller Tactical 8-32x 44 Rifle Scope comes with a fast focus eye piece that enables you to easily and quickly spot a moving target. With its exceptionally clear optics and view you don’t have to worry about a blurred view even from a long distance. The scope maintains its clarity even when magnified to high levels.

Magnification Power

The Black 8-32 x 44mm target scope from Mueller comes with high magnification power that makes it easy to view distant objects or small targets. The high magnification comes handy for people with poor sight or aging eyes, and also for shooting targets from long range. What’s more, the design and optics remain the same at different ranges, offering perfect clarity and minimizing the odds of missing the target. This is enhanced by the perfect target dot and easy adjustments.

Brightness and Clarity

One impressive feature of the Black 8-32 x 44mm Mueller Target Rifle Scope is its brightness and clarity. Usually, the clarity of scopes is determined by the outdoor light. Too much light makes the scope too bright and low light creates a shadowy effect. However, this Mueller Rifle Scope maintains effective brightness in different kinds of lighting. You will still have good clarity in very bright or not-so-bright environments. The 32X magnification provides clear POI even in ranges as long as 100 yards.

Glass and Turrets

The tactical 8-32×44 comes with exposed target turrets for easy and accurate range targeting. This is enhanced by the quality glass that maintains its clarity even when cranked up to 32X. At such high resolution, you can still clearly see targets located at 50 yards or more. For instance, while using a 6 inch shoot-and-see target, I could read the target branding as well as the numbered rings without straining my eyes. Not only do the large turrets feel great and solid but easily return to the zero mark after taking a shot.


The Black Mueller 8-32×44 mil dot reticle has sturdy construction that can withstand regular use. The black finish is also good and provides good relief to the eyes. When clicking into position, the large turrets make an audible clicking noise alerting the user. It is also fairly accurate compared to similar products in the same category. For a better shot or precision you need to tweak the side focus after hitting the heavy mag.

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  • It comes with high magnification that remains consistent even in long distances.
  • The large turrets and glass provide clear vision in different kinds of lighting.
  • It offers better performance than other more costly target rifle scopes in a similar category.
  • Turrets easily click into position giving the user quick and clear view.


  • The interior surface of the lens tube is not coated which causes glare that affects eye relief.
  • The turrets don’t accurately line up with the marks indicated on the scope and you could find your view off a mark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the Black 8-32×44 Mueller Target Rifle Scope be used in ranges longer than 100 yards?

A: The tactical mil dot reticle is effective for ranges exceeding 100 yards, with users using it for as much as 300 yards.

Q: Where can the Mueller 8-32×44 mil dot reticle, black, be used?

A: The scope is suitable for pest control, target practicing, prone, bench shooting and also competitive shooting.

Final Verdict

Looking at the above Mueller Target Rifle Scope Review, the Black, 8-32 x 44mm Rifle Scope comes with a good range of features. It is effective for long distances, feels solid, has high clarity, is bright, and comes with high resolution. It is also suitable for a range of applications whether target, prone, bench and much more. Not accurately clicking into position and too much glare caused by the uncoated inner surface are some of the key drawbacks of the scope. Weighing the pros and cons and looking at its price, investing in a Black 8-32 x 44mm Mueller Target Rifle Scope is a good idea.

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