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Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack Review

For the beginner hunters and occasional hiking enthusiasts out there, sometimes an extremely professional backpack is not required. If one does not want to spend too much money getting a professional hunting backpack or a professional hiking day pack, this backpack is perfect for multipurpose use. One can use this pack for day use with added advantages and also go on short bug outs; this makes the Maxpedition Vulture II backpack a great choice for many.

This Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack Review outlines the pack’s features and thus helps buyers make an informed decision for backpack investment.

Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack Review with Detail Features

Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack Review with Detail Features

Design and Dimensions

One popular feature for many multipurpose backpack users is color variation, and the Vulture II comes in four colors. This tactical backpack has a good amount of carriage space. Its dimensions are 20.5 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 7.5 inches in depth, and it has a total capacity of 2100 cubic inches. This gives the pack ample storage for all your daily needs and even small and fun hiking and hunting trips.


The straps, attachment points, and handles are made of tough military quality nylon webbing while other hardware such as buckles are made of Duraflex which imparts strength, features and ability. The stress points of the Vulture II backpack are reinforced with composite fibers which makes it suitable for harsh conditions. Moreover the panels are made of “1000 denier” nylon, which is very strong and flexible. All these features make this a great backpack to be thrown into every situation.

Multipurpose Hydration Chamber

Occasional sports enthusiasts will enjoy this point. Daily carrying duties can sometimes prove to be daunting, demanding more space in a regular backpack. Also, in these situations heavy duty packs may look out of place. The Maxpedition Vulture II backpack is perfect for these situations. The hydration chamber is adequately spacious, allowing a good amount of fluid storage for sports and outdoor activities. This chamber is quite dynamic and can be used for a multitude of purposes. It can also be used as an additional compartment for the storage of necessary items while using this backpack for activities other than hunting or hiking.


Keeping one’s outdoor sports gear dry is important since many accessories one carry may not be waterproof. The Maxpedition Vulture II pack is waterproof from every angle possible. Other than drowning the pack, it will keep one’s accessories and clothes dry in any conditions. This bag is coated with three coats of polyurethane which makes it waterproof. An additional coating of “DuPont Teflon fabric protector” is applied on the top to make it keep different elements from harming the surface of the bag.

Easy Attachments

While the look of the Maxpedition Vulture II tactical backpack appears simple and straightforward, it can hold quite a number of accessories as attachments, thanks to the adequate number of supplied straps and belts. In addition, one can easily add a few pockets or pouches here and there for extra gear. Since this backpack does not carry a rifle holder, one can be installed using additional straps with ease without affecting the durability and dynamics of the backpack.

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  • From a design aspect it is modern looking and available in four colors.
  • Built with high quality 1000 denier nylon with nylon webbing for added strength.
  • It can handle wet situations like rain with ease.
  • Good quality zipper.
  • Large main compartment can be used for packing a lot of gear, perfect for a bug out.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.


  • Does not come with padded back or breathable back pad.
  • Not good for use on long hiking or hunting trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can one strap a medium sized rifle to the bag?

A) Yes, definitely. With the use of some additional straps/attachments, one can securely add a rifle to this backpack.

Q) Can a laptop fit inside?

A) Yes, a laptop can fit perfectly inside the hydration chamber.

Q) Is the main compartment padded?

A) No, the main compartment is not padded.

Final Verdict

At times, people are faced with choosing whether to buy an item that serves many purposes or is specialized. While this choice can be made by them only, this Maxpedition Vulture II review has clearly shown that this backpack can be used for multiple purposes. From short hiking trips to daily tasks, this bag is the one for people looking for more flexible options. Beginner hikers are the best suited users of the Maxpedition Vulture II daypack and will love this because of the flexibility and durability it offers. This is surely something to take a look at.

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