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Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack – Hydration Compatible Rifle and Bow Carrying Camo Backpack Review

Many a big game hunter regards the Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack as an extremely useful hunting backpack mainly because of its highly versatile and feature-heavy nature. Indeed the Clutch is a very useful hunting pack, which is why we have devoted this post in reviewing it. Hopefully at the end of this Badlands Clutch Camouflage review, you would understand why many hold the Clutch in high regard.

Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack – Hydration Compatible Rifle and Bow Carrying Camo Backpack  with Detail Features

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Easy Carriage of Heavy Loads

There are a number of things that separate the Clutch from other hunting packs, and one such thing is its internal T-6 aluminum frame that transfers the weight of the load in the pack to the wearer’s hips, thereby providing him or her with the utmost comfort and control. In addition to this, the pack’s molded foam suspension actively balances the load in the pack, which also allows the wearer to carry heavy loads with great ease. Even when carrying very heavy loads through extreme terrain, the wearer is assured of control and comfort thanks to the foam suspension and the load-lifting frame.

Rifle and Bow Compatible

The Clutch gives the wearer the unique opportunity to securely carry their bow or rifle hands-free. The Clutch comes with very sturdy horizontal compression straps and a rifle boot which combine forces to securely and conveniently hold your bow or rifle. In attaching your weapon to the Clutch, all you need to do is place the butt of the weapon into the Rifle Boot for a nice support. Then use the horizontal compression straps to strap across the weapon to hold it perfectly in place.

Zippered Back Panel Access

One of the neatest features of the Clutch that separates it from a number of hunting packs out there is undoubtedly its Zippered Back Panel Access, which gives the wearer easy access to the contents of the pack’s main compartment through the back of the pack.

Excellent Storage Ability

With the Clutch, you do not need to worry about space to store your gear since it comes with plenty of it. Not only does the pack come with a very generous storage capacity in its main compartment but it also comes with 9 easily accessible pockets and other compartments for securely and conveniently storing your hunting gear and accessories. In addition to this, the pack also has an integral rifle boot that holds your weapon.

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  • It is a very versatile and quiet pack.
  • It has a removable daypack which can be stored in the pack’s main compartment.
  • It is equipped with an inbuilt rain fly to protect the pack and its contents from water.
  • It comes with a secure and convenient way to carry your bow or rifle hands-free.
  • It comes with several comfort-enhancing features such as load lifters, a load lifting aluminum frame, etc that provide the wearer with great comfort when carrying heavy loads.
  • It is equipped with accessory webbing, load lifters and lash patches.
  • It is equipped with an excellent detachable hydration system.
  • It comes with a zipper system that is very convenient.
  • It has the ability to haul large amounts of meat.
  • The manufacturers of the pack back it by an unconditional lifetime warranty.


  • The price is quite steep.
  • The weight of the pack is on the heavier side.

Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack – Hydration Compatible Rifle and Bow Carrying Camo Backpack Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack?

A. The Clutch is manufactured by Badlands Packs, an American company that has for several decades now been producing and designing some of the most famous hunting packs, hunting accessories and apparel.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Clutch?

A. The dimensions are 27″X18″X12″.

Q. How much does the pack weigh?

A. The total weight of the Clutch is 7LB 2OZ.

Q. What is the total storage capacity of the pack?

A. The pack’s overall storage capacity is 3879 cubic inches.

Q. Does the pack have a place to store your rifle or bow?

A. Yes the Clutch has a brilliant Rifle Boot that allows the hunter to easily and securely carry his or her rifle or bow.

Q. How do I use the Clutch to carry my pistol?

A. You can attach your pistol holster to any of the webbing on the hip belt.

Q. Is the Clutch waterproof?

A. No. Despite being made of a waterproof fabric, the Clutch isn’t waterproof. However, it comes with a built-in rain fly that protects the pack and its contents from rain.

Q. What kind of fabric is the Clutch made of?

A. It is made of KXO-32 fabric, which is a very strong material that is both water resistant and quiet.

Q. How many pockets does the Clutch have?

A. It has approximately 9 pockets that are easily accessible.

Q. What colors can I purchase the Clutch in?

A. You can get this pack in Realtree AP-Xtra.

Q. Can I attach a sleeping bag to the pack?

A. Yes you can. The Clutch comes with “bed roll” straps at its bottom. These straps provide one to easily attach large things such as a sleeping bag or a tent to the bottom of the Clutch. In addition to the “bed roll” straps, you can also use the compression straps that the pack comes with to carry your sleeping bag with ease.

Q. I am a very big person; can the Clutch fit me comfortably?

A. It is very likely that the Clutch can fit you very well since it is highly adjustable. You can adjust the Clutch’s hip belt, shoulder straps and sternum strap for a nice and comfortable fit regardless of your torso length.

Q. How much load can the Clutch really carry?

A. The Clutch can carry more load than one person is capable of carrying.

Q. Does the Clutch come with a warranty?

A. Yes! The pack comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty, which means no matter how long you have used the pack, Badlands Packs will help in fixing or repairing it whenever it develops a problem.

Final Verdict

With great features such as a detachable hydration pack, a high storage capacity, a T-6 Aircraft Aluminum Frame and a Molded Foam Suspension, the Clutch is widely regarded by many hunters as one of the most useful hunting packs available on the market for big game hunting. We hope that having read the review above, you can now confidently decide for yourself whether the Clutch fits the bill or not.

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