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Buck 102 Woodsman Review (Fixed Blade Knife)

Almost every household in the world has one or more blade knives because they have a number of uses. They can be used on firewood, fish, small game, sharpening homemade spears and stakes, and many other uses. This kind of knife an important part of any emergency kit, camping trip or hunting trip. I would recommend the Buck Knives 0102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife with sheath because of its durable make, multiple uses and features and compatibility. In this Buck 102 woodsman review, I will explore its features, how they benefit the user, product pros and cons and some common questions asked by consumers.

Buck Knives 102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife Review Detail Features

Buck Knives 0102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

Durable Blade Knife Handle

When purchasing a blade knife, you need something with an easy-to-hold handle which also looks good while in its sheath. With the Buck 102 woodsman there are 2 different types of handles. There is the black phonelic handle which is more smooth and elegant looking, and the Cocobola Dymondwood TM Handle which is more manly and perfect for those who prefer a more rustic and classic design. The handle comes with a butt or guard that is made of brass for the wood handle and aluminum for the phonelic. This means you can use the handle for some light hammering where needed. It helps to keep your grip in place during vigorous tasks. Buck knives have truly thought this one through.

4 inch Steel Blade

Buck Knives is currently known for making larger hunting knives and their attempt at a smaller blade knife has been successful. This hunting knife comes with a 4 inch 420HC blade. It is more of a clip blade and is slightly curved to give the user more versatility and ease when using it. The blade is made of a high carbon alloy that makes it durable and resistant to the elements. It is coated with chromium stainless steel that protects the blade from rusting and corrosion. You can use this 102 Woodsman knife as regularly as desired and you never have to worry about it rusting or losing that sharp edge.

Genuine Leather Sheath

While the knife is made in the USA, its neighbor, Mexico, makes the fashionable yet effective leather sheath. There is an insert that protects the whole blade and a wooden strip that keeps the sheath’s shape along the blade line. It comes with a leather flap with a snap-on fastener to keep the knife in place and keep it from falling out. What is great about the snap is that it is on the side of the blade and not the front, because it is on the front it can get snagged on things. At the back is a loop that allows you to attach it to your belt, bag or any other place you want to store the knife.

Compact and Lightweight

The idea of survival in the wild is to have a weapon that is light, easy to store and easy to handle. This Buck Knives 102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife is a very light and compact knife. It is only 7 inches from end to end (most of the length goes to the blade at 4 inches). It is also lightweight at 6.1 ounces including the sheath. The knife alone is 2.5 ounces, which is very light. Its weight and design are perfect because you do not feel like it weighs your belt or pockets down and you can use it without getting tired.

Buck Forever Warranty

When I purchased my first Buck 102 Woodsman, the package had multiple ‘Forever Warranty’ logos around it. This is how much Buck wishes to assure its customers that they have the famous Buck Forever Warranty. This is perfect because you can approach them when you get a defective delivery, break the blade or handle or when you have a problem with your sheath. They will fix or replace your knife without any hassle. You will get the warranty upon purchase of your blade. In addition, if you find your warranty is not present upon delivery, you can contact customer support to get the certificate.

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  • Lightweight for any hunting or camping trip
  • Has multiple uses from fishing to carving to chopping
  • Durable blade and fashionable handle
  • Great leather sheath to protect your blade
  • Back fastener to attach it to a belt or bag
  • Forever warranty in case of any faults


  • Cannot be used for heavy hunting tasks, but can complement a larger knife
  • The handle does not have a grip strap but the guard at the bottom keeps your hand in place
  • Some hunters say that the blade is too small for their hands

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What color is the sheath?

A: The phonelic handle comes with a black sheath and the Dymondwood comes with a brown sheath.

Q: Is the Dymondwood handle sensitive to food and liquid?

A: So far, no case of sensitivity near food or liquids has been reported.

Final Verdict

Overall, we see in the Buck 102 Woodsman Review that it is small, lightweight and durable. I like the fact that it is perfect for multiple tasks at home, during camping or while hunting. I would recommend having an additional large hunting knife for bigger game but this one will still work great. The genuine leather sheath gives the knife a nice finish and it protects the whole blade from damage or injuring someone. The snap-on fastener is perfect because you will rarely lose your knife, unlike other sheaths. The Buck 102 Woodsman knife is available on Amazon. Get one and keep it in your first aid kit, near your bed or in your emergency kit because you never know when you might need it.

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