Eberlestock X1A1 Pack Review

Being able to go hunting with all the accessories available to you when you need them makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable. With the Eberlestock x1a1, this ultimate dream of any hunter can come true. This hunting backpack is perfect for any occasional outdoor hiking or hunting activities. Mainly geared towards bow and rifle users, this can be your ultimate carriage companion all the way to the finish line. With most top of the line hunting backpacks missing one essential feature or the other, Eberlestock made sure to make this as user friendly as possible. This Eberlestock x1a1 pack review is all about the ease and feature package that it offers to its users.

Eberlestock X1A1 Pack Review with Detail Features

The Big Carry Space

One of the essentials of a hunting pack is its total carry space or, better said, the total volume of the backpack. At 2800 cubic inches, this has enough space to accommodate all that you might ever need for your hunting trip. With a number of compartments of different sizes, you can be sure to organize your things according to priority. It comes with an extendable rifle scabbard which can be hidden when not in use. Also you can stow away your bow in case you are a bow hunter.

Adjustable Shooter Harness

The adjustable shooter harness is another feature that is important to a number of people. Not only does it adjust for the torso length, but if you want to shift your center of gravity for comfort you can do so with just a few adjustments. This comes in very handy in situation that requires trekking through mountainous regions and such. The shooter harness is also comfortably padded and offers stability to the whole weight of the backpack.

Carry Your Gun and Bow Together

This is a fantastic advantage that many hunters are going to love. With a quick draw scabbard, your gun is safe in its place tightly yet comfortably pressed to your back. This also adds safety to your gun, since falling down and getting thrown around is quite often part of a hunting trip. Additionally this hunting pack also comes with a ripcord tether to easily carry your bow with you if you feel like using it. The weapon carry attachments added to the backpack are sturdy and stable, making sure that whatever happens your weapons are always ready to be put in to action.

Larger Waist Belt

The larger waist belt greatly contributes to the comfort factor of carrying this backpack around. In most cases your fully accessorized hunting pack exceeds a moderate weight of around 20 pounds. With all this, it often becomes tippy towards the back, affecting your center of gravity and hindering your movements. With a larger waist belt, it aids in distributing the weight along your waist and not solely on your back. Also, given the provided attachments and proper design, the waist belt can also holster your sidearm or carry other accessories that you might need to access at all times, like a GPS or stopwatches.

Quality and Design Factors

The Eberlestock X1A1 pack is made of premium materials that offer comfort and advantage together with style. It is available in four colors: Dry Earth, Mossy Oak Brush, Hide Open Timber Veil and Unicam II. All these are camo styled except Dry Earth, which offers a consistent dual toned coloring. The backpacks are made of 1000d nylon, have required soft padding on the harness and belts which gives additional comfort, and are waterproof.

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  • Carry space is big enough to easily fit all your belongings and accessories with ease.
  • Adjustable shooter harness offers center of gravity and torso length adjustments.
  • Ample space for hydration bladder.
  • Large waist belt can be accessorized and can be used to holster side arms.
  • Main compartment has internal dividers which can be used according to needs.


  • The pack gets a rounded shape when fully packed which extends away from the body.
  • The “x” shaped pockets on the top of the backpack do not offer much space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can this pack accommodate a crossbow?

A: Yes, one can easily accommodate a crossbow on the saddle of the backpack.

Q: Does it come with any instruction manuals about properly loading the accessories?

A:  No, at this time no instruction manual is provided with the backpack.

Q: Does the main compartment have dividers?

A: Yes, the main compartment has dividers which are secured by a simple Velcro addition.

Final Verdict

The above Eberlestock x1a1 pack review shows how well this backpack can handle all the required necessities of a hunter. Packing all hunting accessories within your backpack is not what this backpack excels in; what truly sets it apart is its flexibility of providing an easily accessible and compact storage solution for all your needs. If you are thinking about getting your next hunting backpack, this multi featured pack is worth a look. With the features provided and its ease of use, this surely can be a great choice for your next hunting trip.

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