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Primos Alpha Dogg Review (Electronic Predator Call)

For those living in areas near woods or forests, there is a likelihood of being hounded by predators, especially coyotes and other canines. Because it is risky to follow them into the woods, you need a tool that draws out the predators for you to put down. Enter the Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call, a product of years of learning the hunting game by world-renowned predator master Randy Anderson. It is a sound tool used to attract the predators out of hiding. Its camouflage design, clear speakers and authentic animal calls are what has Primos Alpha Dogg reviewers raving.

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call Review with Detail Features

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Directional Speaker Sound Clarity

When using speakers, it is preferable to choose those that do not distort the sound. The Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call’s 20-watt rotational cone speakers are capable of putting out crystal clear sound at 180 degrees that can be heard for miles. It also comes with a single 25-watt horn speaker in between the cones. It gives off loud sounds which enable it to call out animals who are miles away. The speakers come in a rugged speaker case with elevated legs and universal tripod mounting threads.

Compact Camouflage Design

What is great about the Primos Alpha Dogg Game Call is that it comes in a compact design which is easy to carry and store as well as quick to set up at the hunting grounds. Animals by nature can detect when artificial products are used around them, so it’s beneficial that the well-designed Realtree Max-1 camouflage casing can be set up without fear of being detected. The speakers and remote are powered by 3 AA batteries and the clear, dynamic, distortion-free sound will draw out any predator.

75 Pre-installed Sounds

When it comes to the sounds that the speakers emit, there are 64 digitally stored nature sounds and 6 hunting sequences that are used to lure out game. These are stored on a 2GB memory stick and can be added to or deleted. The USB port lets you download up to 1000 sounds, some of which you can purchase from Primos Hunting. There is also an audio port to add an additional speaker. The audio port lets you play MP3 sounds from an external device.

6 Hunting Sequences

During a hunting session, it is impossible to take the time to scroll through the 75 to 1000 nature calls to determine which the best one to use is. This is where the Primos Alpha Dogg Game Call wins once again. It has 6 hunting sequences that have been preset so you can quickly choose a sequence that suits the hunting scenario. At this time, you may require decoy sounds, which is why this product comes with an auxiliary jack to control decoy sounds where available. Much like the pre-installed sounds, you can also add more hunting sequences if available.

Digital Remote Control

The Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call is controlled by using an ergonomic, simple to use remote control that is capable of operating as far as 200 yards from the speakers. The 2.5 inch color LCD screen lets you comfortably scroll between playlists categorized by species. The remote control has a HOT button, a newly added feature from Primos that changes sounds according to the hunting surroundings. It can operate decoys, make changes in terms of sounds and volume levels and can recall sounds that have previously been played.

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  • Product is compact in design and the camouflage casing is an added plus.
  • The clear speakers are distortion-free, making the sounds authentic and dynamic.
  • Can be controlled from a safe distance using the ergonomic remote control.
  • Has preset nature calls and hunting sequences for first-time users to test out.
  • Uses batteries so it can be used in any terrain.
  • Additional inputs and outputs to add or delete sounds where necessary.


  • It is considered pricey. However, according to Primos Alpha Dogg reviews, many users consider it well worth it.
  • The batteries may not last as long as required. However, you can carry extras or mind the volume levels as this can affect battery performance.

Primos Alpha Dogg Presentation Video

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q:  How long do the batteries last?

A: It depends on how often you use it, but with average use it can last an average of 3-4 weeks.

Q:  Can the batteries be charged while in the unit?

A: No, but if they are rechargeable they can be charged in their own unit.

Q:  Can the weather affect its performance (cold and rain)?

A: No, the weather is not known to affect the Alpha Dogg.

Final Verdict

In this Primos Alpha Dogg Review, we see that in terms of safety from attack by predators, using the Primos Alpha Dogg Game Call is well advised. With its simple yet compact design, sound clarity, easy to use remote, preset hunting sequences and hunting calls, it is easy to see why many hunters prefer the Alpha Dogg for hunting. While it may be costly to some, hunters have sworn that the product and all its add-on features make it an excellent value for money.

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