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Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack Review

If you want to go out for a short one day hunting trip, you might want to carry less stuff with you. A full sized hunting backpack becomes more of a problem than a solution in those cases. Why only limit yourself to hunting when the Eberlestock Gunrunner pack can also assist you in fishing trips or a simple wildlife photography perfectly without the extra fuss? It’s strong, durable, and compact and offers a huge advantage for people opting to go out on short trips. This Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack Review will show you the advantages of having a daypack for your light outdoor ventures.

Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack Review with Detail Features

Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack Review

Light and Durable

This light hunting daypack weighs around 3 lbs which is extremely light. The pack is made of ripstop nylon which is very tough and can take almost anything you throw at it while on your trip. The shoulder straps are also capable of carrying the weight of what you would likely be carrying for a day trip. The waist belt ensures that your backpack stays firm on your back.

Padded For Extra Comfort

It is good to see that Eberlestock invested in comfort with its Gunrunner pack. The pack has ample padding in the shoulder straps, waist belt and even on the back for the best spine comfort. The padding is breathable, which means it lets air pass through its pores thus aiding in cooling down those areas. This is a wise decision since trekking can be tiresome and sweaty.


At 1400 cubic inches of space this is a perfect backpack solution for small trips. This pack has a single fairly large compartment that can store all your equipment easily without any compromise. The top of the backpack which covers the main compartment also has a large pocket for storing any accessories you need to access frequently, such as your flashlight, gloves, etc. Storage for your hydration pack can be found inside the main chamber or you can also hang it anywhere inside. Also, added straps on the outside provide more options for attaching your accessories.

Gun Scabbard

Having a gun scabbard is essential when going on small daytime hunting trips. The scabbard is situated on the back of the pack which has straps attached to it. Comfort is not an issue since the back is generously protected with breathable padding. A simple strap holds the scabbard, which is hidden below and can be extended to its full length to store anything from rifles to a tripod stand to fishing rods as required. When not in use for weapons, the scabbard can easily be used as an extra pocket to hold your essentials.

Multipurpose Waist Belt

Waist belts add to the stability of your backpack when you are performing heavy physical activities. The waist belt is padded near the back for extra comfort. It is designed in such a way that you can accessorize it with any gadgets and devices required for your trip. Also, it has padding around the back near the waist area which can be fitted with an extra waist strap if the stock strap is not enough.

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  • It is spacious enough for single day hunting and trekking trips.
  • Has a scabbard to hold your rifle, tripod or similar.
  • Storage space for hydration packs inside the main compartment.
  • Adequately padded for extra comfort and ease.


  • The pack is not adequate for trekking trips for a longer time like a couple of days.
  • The hydration bladder storage is not too spacious enough.

Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can this pack be used for other trekking activities?

A) Yes, this can be used for small trekking activities with ease.

Q) Can it fit all rifle sizes?

A) It can fit Remington models with a sleek body and scope with a magazine fully, but ARs with long cartridges may be a problem.

Q) Does the main compartment have dividers?

A) No, the main compartment does not have any dividers.

Final Verdict

As this Eberlestock Gunrunner Review shows, this product is perfect for short trekking or hunting activities and it provides a smart storage solution for all the accessories that you might need. Along with its durable body, intelligent design, this backpack is also very lightweight and easy to carry. It efficiently cancels out the need to drag a big, full-sized hunting bag for small trips. If you are looking for something to meet your small trip needs, the Eberlestock Gunrunner might fit the bill perfectly.

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