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Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow Pack Review

The Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow Pack is widely regarded as one of the most useful and most durable hunting backpacks on the market. In this Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow Pack review, we shall be taking a look at some of the major features that make the Blue Widow a very popular pack among avid hunters. In addition to the pack’s main features, the review shall also see us cover some of the top pros and cons of the Blue Widow as well as customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow Pack with Detail Features

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4-way Compression Straps

The pack comes with excellent vertical and horizontal beefy compression straps which play a number of important roles. First, the straps help in holding the load you are carrying very close to your body in order to reduce the load’s pressure. Second, the straps are perfect for attaching large objects such as a bow and a trophy rack securely to the pack.

Huge Expandability

The JP9 Blue Widow has a main bag/day pack which starts at 2200 cubic inches. When unzipped, the pack grows to 4700 cubic inches, thereby giving you a large storage compartment to store a ton of gear. As if this isn’t enough, one can add a Spike Camp Duffel and a Super Spike Duffel to grow the pack’s capacity from 4700 cubic inches to 7700 and 8200 cubic inches respectively.

Great Storage

In addition to being capable of storing some serious loads (meat and gear) in its main compartment, the Blue Widow comes with long side pockets that are capable of securely and conveniently housing a tripod and a spotting scope, or any other gear that you will want to have quick access to when you find yourself in the field. The pack also comes with additional lower side pockets and sleeves for even more storage.

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Flex Chassis

One of the most important features of the Blue Widow is the Flex Chassis that it comes with. The Flex Chassis can be found at the bottom of the pack, and its primary function is to provide support to the load that you attach to the front of the pack.  The Flex Chassis is capable of doing this thanks to its oversized compression straps. In addition to its ability to provide support for load, the Flex Chassis can also be flipped forward and folded out in order to be used as a seat when you are not hiking.

Comfort-Enhancing Frame, Suspension and Hip Belt

The pack comes with an ergonomically-built internal frame made of aluminum and plastic that does a very good job in balancing heavy loads in order to reduce fatigue. In addition to this, the frame also allows for good ventilation which helps in reducing sweating.

Away from the frame, the pack also features an adjustable and well-padded suspension and a thick lumbar padded hip belt which work harmoniously in allowing the wearer to comfortably carry heavy loads.

Hydration System Compatible

When it comes to hydration, the Blue Widow has one of the best hydration systems in the industry thanks to the excellent three hydration bladders that it comes with. Two of these bladders are found inside the pack whereas the third bladder is found in the removable fanny pack. These bladders allow you to enjoy hands free drinking while on the go.

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  • It comes with great features that support the carrying of heavy loads.
  • It is very durable and comes with bullet proof zippers.
  • The pack is waterproof thanks to the tough, waterproof NT-7 fabric used in making it.
  • It is a pretty quiet pack – a feature which is important in keeping the hunter’s presence away from the animal(s) he or she is hunting.
  • The pack comes with a Padlock system that allows you to add a number of accessories to the pack.
  • It is triple hydration compatible, which means you don’t need to worry about keeping hydrated while on the hunt.
  • It comes with several vertical and horizontal compression straps that allow you to conveniently and safely attach load to the pack.
  • The pack is very versatile and has huge expandability.
  • It comes with quick-access pockets for housing your tripods and spotting scopes.
  • It has fully adjustable frame and shoulder harness.


  • Would have been better if the pack was a little bit lighter than it currently is.
  • The manufacturers could have made the shoulder straps and hip belt more comfortable by adding more padding to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Blue Widow Pack?

A. The pack is manufactured by the Eberlestock Company, which for over three decades has been in the business of manufacturing very popular and durable pouches, backpacks and carrying accessories.

Q. Does the product come with a warranty?

A. Eberlestock backs up the Blue Widow Pack with a simple lifetime warranty. What this means is that during the lifetime of the pack, if it develops a problem due to a defect in the materials used in making it, Eberlestock will either replace it or repair it for you. The warranty however, does not cover damages caused by things such as accident, negligence, natural wear and tear, or improper care. In addition to the lifetime warranty, Eberlestock also offers customers a 45-day money back guarantee.

Q. How much does the Blue Widow weigh?

A. It weighs approximately 7lbs 8 oz.

Q. What are the dimensions of the pack?

A. The dimensions are: 25L x 13W x 7D.

Q. How many cubic inches is the pack?

A. 4.700 cubic inches.

Q. What are the colors that the JP9-Blue Widow comes in?

A. The pack comes in the following colors: Rock Veil, Brush, Western Slope and Dry Earth.

Q. Is the pack hydration compatible?

A. Yes it is! As a matter of fact, it is triple hydration compatible.

Q. How do I carry a rifle or a bow with the Blue Widow?

A. The best way to carry a rifle with the pack is to purchase one of Eberlestock’s Side Scabbards, which will allow you to safely and conveniently carry a rifle.
[easyazon_image align=”center” identifier=”B002G518L2″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”azhunt-20″] On the other hand, if you want to carry a bow with the Blue Widow, then the best thing to do is purchase Eberlestock’s ARCG ButtBucket kit. Both the Side Scabbards and the ButtBucket kit not only allow you to easily carry your weapons securely and comfortably but also allow for easy retrieval of the weapons from the pack whenever you need them.

Q. How do I wash the pack?

A. Washing the pack is easy. All you need is a mild scent free detergent and a pressure washer or a high pressure hose. After washing the pack, you should hang dry it. According to the manufacturers, you should never use a washing machine to wash it or a dryer to dry it.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow Pack is a well thought-out hunting backpack that seems to have pretty much everything an avid hunter needs in a hunting pack. With its numerous useful features, it is easy to understand how instrumental the Blue Widow Pack can be in making any hunting trip a success.

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