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Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot Review

One of the essential things a hunter needs in order to ensure a successful hunting expedition is a good pair of hunting boots. Without the right pair of boots, your hunting trip can easily become a failure. A good pair of boots is not only essential to hunters but to all outdoorsmen and women. Thankfully, today there are a number of great hunting boots out there designed purposely to make hunting and many other outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking much more comfortable. One of such hunting boots is the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot, which comes with several great features that every hunter and outdoor enthusiast needs.

Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot Review with Detail Features

In the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot review below, we shall expose you to some of the features of the boots that make them one of the most popular hunting boots out there.  Additionally, we shall also be shedding some light on the pros and cons of this product as well as the FAQs submitted by customers.

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High-quality Leather

The boots are crafted purely from very high-quality leather, which makes them durable and strong. The leather used in making the boots also come along with a number of other advantages such as extra protection and comfort as well as allowing for proper air circulation within the boots. When air circulates properly in boots, it plays an instrumental role in reducing foot odor. In addition to all that, the boots are also quite easy to clean thanks to the leather which they are made of.

Waterproof Function

The Rocky boots keep your feet dry when you go hunting in moist or wet environments since they are made with the revolutionary water proof material GORE-TEX®, which completely protects the boots from water. In addition to protecting the interior of the boots from water, the GORE-TEX® also allows for air to make its way into the boots and cool the wearer’s feet while at the same time reducing foot odor.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation that keeps your Feet Warm

One of the highlights of the boot is the fact that it incorporates 200 grams of the renowned 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation. Why is this important? The primary reason why the manufacturers incorporated Thinsulate insulation into the boots is because it is very effective in keeping your feet warm in cold and freezing temperatures. This means you can go hunting or hiking in winter and not worry about your feet getting frozen.

Exclusive Footbed that allows for Cushioning and Air Circulation

The Rocky 9″ BearClaw 3D boots come with Rocky’s own famous  polyurethane cushioned [easyazon_link identifier=”B00A8NWK8O” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”azhunt-20″]Air-Port™ footbed[/easyazon_link] which is capable of cushioning every step you take. In addition to providing optimum cushion, Rocky’s exclusive footbed, which is perforated, also allows for proper air circulation which assists in keeping your feet as cool as possible while at the same time mitigating foot odor from building up in the boots.

Lace-up System that allows for Maximum Adjustment

The boot has a good lace-up system that comes with a combination of D-rings, hooks and a lace-to-toe pattern. One of the biggest advantages of a lace-up system like this is the fact that it allows for the most conducive adjustment.

Solid Outsole Traction

Since the boots come with Rocky’s famous self-cleaning and multi-directional BearClaw3D outsole which grabs the ground as you walk, you are able to enjoy a dramatic level of traction as you walk. This saves you from slipping and injuring yourself on slippery surfaces.

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  • The boots support proper air circulation, which reduces the build-up of bad odor.
  • The boots are completely waterproof.
  • The boots are capable of keeping your feet warm during very cold temperatures since they contain insulation.
  • Boots come with good traction that prevents you from slipping when walking on slippery places.
  • They are very durable boots and can last for a substantial period of time – especially if you take proper care of them.
  • They are so comfortable to wear that you can wear them for several hours straight without feeling any discomfort.
  • It is reasonably priced for all it has to offer.


  • The boot does not have a protective toe.
  • It would be helpful if Rocky could make the laces stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of these boots?

A. The boots are manufactured by Rocky Brands, Inc. (formerly called Rocky Shoes & Boots, Inc.) – an American based company that has been producing high-quality boots for several decades now.

Q. Are these steel-toed boots?

A. No. While Rocky Brands, Inc. offers other boots that are steel toed, this particular one isn’t.

Q. Do these boots come with warranty?

A. Yes they do. According to the manufacturers, all their products come with a one-year limited warranty against any manufacturing, workmanship and material defects or flaws. This means if you purchase these boots and you identify a manufacturing-related problem with them, you can return them for another one.

Q. Are the boots waterproof?

A. Absolutely! They are waterproof and insulated at the same time.

Q. Can I get replacement insoles for the boots?

A. Yes you can get replacement for your footbed from the website of the manufacturers.

Q. How much do these boots weigh?

A. Depending on the size ordered, the Rocky can have a weight that ranges between 1.4655 and 2.5438 pounds.

Q. What is the height of the boot?

A. 9 inches

Q. How does one take good care of the boots?

A. Caring for the boots is a pretty easy process. Thanks to the fact that the boots are made of leather, cleaning them isn’t really difficult. All you need to do is use a soft brush to get rid of dirt. You can also use a little polish on the leather in order to hide scuffs. In order to prevent the boots from drying and cracking, all you need to do is use a light coat of oil or a leather conditioner on the leather. The manufacturers also advise that a year after you have purchased the boots you use a Silicone Water Proofing spray to spray them once every six months. Doing these simple things will help make the boots last longer.

Final Verdict

I guess that having read the review above, you see why many regard the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot as among the best boots for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, camping, etc. The last thing a hunter needs in the field is footwear failure when they are tracking their prey. With the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot, you reduce your risk of experiencing the much dreaded footwear failure while you are in the field, which leaves you with more time to concentrate on your hunting or hiking expedition in order to make it a fruitful one.

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