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IR Defense REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Weapon Sight Review

More often than not, the decision to buy a weapon sight is a function of many variables, including cost, features, activity, personal preference, and specifications. One thing is clear, however, that a good weapon sight is one that can get the job done well, if not best. The REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Weapon Sight is one such tool. In this review, we will discuss the product’s features, advantages, disadvantages, specifications, and answer the questions that potential buyers frequently ask. We believe that you will find this useful in making your purchasing decision.

IR Defense REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Weapon Sight  with Detail Features

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Edge Detect Mode Helps to Stay on Target for a Long Period of Time

The weapon sight’s edge detection mode allows you to view your target undistracted, without tiring out your eyes. This feature, which comes in only a limited number of military scopes, also enhances your safety by emitting less preview light, which an enemy can use to trace/identify you when in the dark. Finally, this lower emission of light prevents you from contracting night blindness, which occurs after you’ve been exposed to too much light in the dark.

Enhanced Target Recognition Produces High-Quality Images of Target

The weapon sight’s enhanced target recognition feature produces images of high quality by automatically picking the target area, and adjusting for brightness and contrast. The feature is advantageous, especially when compared to other weapon sights that tamper with the entire display, not just the target area, thereby producing washed-out images in the end.

Stadiametric Range Finder Ensures Quick and Accurate Ranging of Target

The sight’s Stadiametric Range Finder saves you the hustle of finding your target’s distance by displaying it on your screen. To achieve this, all you have to do is set a target site and ranging units. Having done this, the ranging reticle will then adjust to the target you are viewing and display its distance for you on the Range Read-Out Display.

Multiple Reticle Save Locations Enhances Compatibility with Different Weapons

The REAP-IR 35mm mini weapon sight comes with up to 4 reticle save locations that allow you to zero it on 4 different weapons. Furthermore, you are allowed to recall the saved zero, as you move the sight from one position to the next.

 60 Hz Fast Frame Rate Allows for Aiming at Moving Targets

With the weapon sight’s 60Hz frame rate, you can easily aim at all manners of moving targets with clarity and precision; a 60Hz frame rate is among the best in the scope world. However, if you would like to save battery power, you can set to a 30Hz frame rate.

 Operating temperatures of -40 Degrees Fahrenheit to +131 Degrees Fahrenheit

You can operate the REAP-IR weapon sight in any temperature ranging between -40°F and +131°F, which means you can use this thermal scope in virtually all manners of temperature. This gives you a lot of flexibility, as far as location and usage is concerned.

Multiple Reticle Patterns make Spotting Easier

The REAP-IR 35mm sight has 5 types of reticles that you can choose from.  The reticles are digital and come in a combination of simple and complex reticles. This delicate combination of reticles not only enhances precision, but also makes it possible to spot moving targets of interest.

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  • The device is durable and portable at the same time.
  • It has a high frame rate of 60 Hz, which increases your likelihood of hitting moving targets..
  • It comes with eye guard.
  • The REAP-IR provides crystal clear and high quality images.
  • It comes with a mini D-LOCK Picatinny Rail Mount.
  • This riflescope comes with a Wilcox dovetail adapter for helmet mount applications.
  • It comes with lens cap.
  • The REAP-IR comes with as many as 5 different reticle patterns for a user to choose from.
  • The device comes with a free NGI Mini DVR Recording System cable as well as a durable black stock pouch.


  • It doesn’t come with a remote control.
  • It doesn’t come with belts or straps to tie around the hands.
  • The riflescope comes in only one color, black.

IR Defense REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Weapon Sight Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of IR Defense REAP 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope?

A. The REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Vision Riflescope is manufactured by IR Defense Corporation. IR Defense Corporation is a manufacturer of thermal viewing, aiming systems, and defense electronic products. Currently, IR Defense Corporation is a subsidiary of Trijicon Inc. The company was incorporated in 2013, and is currently based in California, USA.

Q. Is the riflescope corrosion-resistant?

A. Yes, the thermal rifle scope’s body is corrosion-resistant.

Q. What colors can I purchase the IR Defense REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Weapon Sight in?

A. The riflescope comes in one color, Black.

Q. What are the colors of the reticles of the REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope?

A.  The colors of the scope’s reticles are auto white and black.

Q. Does the riflescope come with a case for holding it?

A. Yes, the riflescope comes with a tactical soft case.

Q. Does the riflescope come with additional batteries?

A.  Yes, the riflescope comes with additional batteries.

Q. What is the weight of the riflescope?

A.  The riflescope weighs less than 1.0lb.

Q. Does the REAP-IR come with a warranty?

A.  Yes, the manufacturers back the scope up with a 3-year warranty.

Q. What are the dimensions of the REAP-IR?

A. The riflescope measures 6.5×2.95×3.0 inches.

Q. What’s the battery run time of this scope?

A. The scope’s battery run time is 5 hours.

Q. Does the riflescope come with an external power supply cable?

A. No, the REAP-IR doesn’t come with a USB cable and wall charger.

Q. What is the frame rate of the riflescope?

A. The scope’s frame rate is 60Hz.

Q. What is the scope’s eye relief?

A. 27mm.

Q. What is the storage temperature of the REAP-IR?

A. The storage temperature of this scope is -49°F to +167°F.

 Final Verdict

Now that you have read this preview of the IR Defense REAP-IR 35mm Mini Thermal Weapon Sight, we hope that you are convinced of its quality and impressive specifications. Indeed, the sight’s features, including a Stadiametric Range Finder, Edge Detect Mode, Multiple Reticle Save Location, and 60Hz Frame Rate, as well as such added items as an eye guard, lens cap, tactical soft case, and Picatinny rail mount, make the sight a value for money. At this point, we hope that you armed with all the relevant information that you need to know about the REAP-IR so as to make a confident decision whether you need this thermal scope or not.

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