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Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder Review

There are a number of things that a rangefinder such as the Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder can do. It can be used during camping, hunting and other rangefinding tasks. If you are looking for something that is lightweight with a sturdy design, can read long ranges, needs no assembly, is easy to use and comes with a carrying case, then this is the perfect choice. Not only is it an easy rangefinder to use, it is also affordable and can be stored in a pocket, on a belt or in a bag. In this Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder Review, we will look at the features, product pros and cons as well as consumer FAQs.

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder Review with Detail Features

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

10-600 Yard Range & 4X Magnification

Thanks to the clear optics that come with this Laser rangefinder, you will be able to view targets between 10 and 600 yards. However, I did notice that it is not as clear or accurate past the 300 yard mark, but this works perfectly for my needs. When looking through the eyepiece and trying to gauge the closest range it can read, I noticed the display can read as close as 5 yards. To bring your target closer, the rangefinder has 4X magnification which is easy to switch when needed.

In-field Liquid Crystal Display

One of the great features of the Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder is the in-field display. With this, once you find your target through the eyepiece, the display will show you the range or distance in yards. It can also be changed to meters. This is done by long-pressing the button till the display goes off. When you turn it back on, it will display distance in meters. To revert back, simply repeat the process. The display also shows you a battery indicator which will blink when you need to replace your battery.

1 Button Operation and 9v Battery Powered

Any Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder user will tell you that this is an easy product to use. It requires no assembly and once the battery is installed, you simply look through the eyepiece and get started. It only has one button found at the top of the vertically constructed rangefinder. The button is the power switch and is also used to measure the desired range with one simple push. The rangefinder is battery operated using a single 9 volt battery. However, this is not part of the package, which means that you will need to purchase one.

Carry Case with Back Belt Loop

Although the LRF 600 comes in a perforated pack, there is a carrying case included as well. The carrying case actually reminds me of a digital camera case. It is a nylon mesh case that has padding on the inside to protect your rangefinder. It comes with a thick Velcro fastener that keeps it safe inside the case. At the back of the case is a belt loop, although you can attach it to a bag strap if it fits.

Waterproof Design with Lanyard Hole

The Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder is very lightweight and comfortably fits in one hand while operating. Its dimensions are 4.2 inches by 3.6 inches by 1.9 inches. In terms of weight, it comes in at only 7.7 ounces. Its vertical construction is desirable when in use. The external casing is waterproof and protects the internal components from the elements. Finally, there is a lanyard hole on the external casing, although the original packaging does not come with one.

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  • No assembly required.
  • Single button operation.
  • Long lasting power thanks to the 9 volt battery.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Carry Case with belt loop
  • Up to 600 yard range read.


  • Hard to install and remove the battery
  • Initial perforated casing is hard to open, understandably so.
  • For some users, the range is not as clear past the 300 yard mark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What color is the distance display?

A: The display read is black in color which is easy to see.

Q: What is a good quiet case for my rangefinder?

A: The LRF 600 comes with its own case that holds the rangefinder well and has Velcro fastening.

Final Verdict

Any experienced hunter will be picky and needs something that will measure long ranges even in low light. However for other situations, this is the perfect rangefinder for you. In this Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder Review, we have seen that it is possible to get a well-designed and high functioning rangefinder such as the Simmons LRF 600 at an affordable price. After the initial battery installation, you will learn how to use the rangefinder over time. The Simmons LRF 600 is available on Amazon. Remember that you need to purchase your own lanyard and batteries.

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