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Kershaw Knockout Review (Folding Knife)

When purchasing a pocket knife, it needs to be something lightweight, easy to store and use, and it should have a sharp edged blade, ergonomic handle, long lasting material and an easy to open mechanism. The Kershaw Knockout Knife fits this bill perfectly. From the moment you purchase the knife, it feels comfortable to hold and also has a wide steel blade that is easy to sharpen and safe from rusting. It can be used for a number of chores and as a great survival tool. In this Kershaw Knockout review, we will look at its features, the product pros and cons and consumer FAQs concerning this product.

Kershaw Knockout Review with Detail Features

Kershaw 1870 Knockout SpeedSafe Folding Knife

Wide Steel Blade with Stonewash

When purchasing a pocket knife, any user can tell you that the Kershaw Knockout knife has one of the best blades in the market. It comes with a Wide Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade. There is the option to get the black coated blade or the steel blade with stonewash finish. I prefer the stonewash finish because it is easier to sharpen and is more resistant to rust. The blade is quite wide and flat which makes it perfect for a number of uses. The blade comes fully sharpened upon purchase.

Aluminum/ Olive Drab Handle Scales

If there is one thing that is important on a pocket knife, it is the handle. The Kershaw 1870 Knockout SpeedSafe Folding Knife has a durable handle which comes either in Olive Drab or Black Aluminum. The handle has some grooves etched in it which make it easy to handle. The handle is what holds the steel lock bar and blade when the knife is in the closed position. The design makes it very attractive when it is closed.

Index Flipper, Speed Safe System

What makes the Kershaw Knockout a great pocket knife to use is the easy to access index flipper. This is the protrusion on the side of the knife that helps remove the blade from the handle in one single action. If that is not enough, there is the Speed Safe System, which is the thumb stud found on the blade and helps to open the blade manually. The spring assist is what makes the blade extend in no time and you never have to worry about ‘failure to launch’ when you need the knife most.

Pocket Clip, Lanyard Hole & Black Steel lock bar

The Kershaw Knockout SpeedSafe Folding Knife comes with a four-way pocket clip that can be stored either way by both left and right handed users. The black pocket clip actually fits into the overall design of the knife. In addition, the handle has the black steel lock bar which usually moves back when it is time to slide the blade into place when closed. This protects the user from accidental nicks when storing the knife. There is a lanyard hole designed into the handle for easy handling.

Compact, Slim and Ambidextrous Design

The folding knife has some of the best dimensions for a pocket knife. It comes in at 2.5 inches by 5.2 inches by 1.2 inches. This is a thin knife even in the closed position considering its features and capabilities. The ergonomic design of the Kershaw Knockout comes with a finger trail and thumb ramp that follow the natural curve of your hand. There is also the integral guard that protects your hand when in use. The index flipper can be used by both left and right handed people.

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  • Attractive design thanks to the Black Aluminum/Olive Drab handle.
  • Slim 4-way pocket clip.
  • Strong flip assist and index flipper for easy opening.
  • Extra wide blade with attractive stonewash/black coated finish.
  • Finger trail, thumb ramp and integral guard for easy handling.
  • Sharpened upon purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The slim pocket clip can sometimes be hard to clip on.
  • The handle can be hard to hold when sweaty and can be spoilt by wear and tear but over a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Has the assisted opening ever failed?

A: So far it has not failed after 3 months of use.

Q: Is the aluminum handle resistant to wear and tear?

A: So far it has no signs of wear and tear.

Final Verdict

Pocket knives should not only be sharp but also safe and light to handle and store, and the Kershaw Knockout Knife meets these requirements. The aluminum handle, the wide blade, the safe lock, the flip assist and index flip, the ergonomic design and pocket clip are some of the reasons why this Kershaw Knockout Review contains so much praise. In order for your blade keeps serving you for a long time, ensure that no foreign particles get inside the knife or it could mess with its mechanics. It is readily available from Amazon and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Because it is made in the USA, it means there is a location nearby where you can take the blade in case of any defects.

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