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The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game Review

From the beginning of the 21st century, countless of books have been published about hunting, but not too many of these books have taken the world of hunting by storm like The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game has. Since this bestselling book written by renowned author and outdoorsman Steven Rinella came out in August 2015, it has gone on to become one of the most informational books about hunting and the outdoors ever published. Whether you are a novice hunter or an experienced Big Game hunter looking for a book that would help you excel in your hunting and outdoor adventures, then this outstanding book by Rinella with over 400 color photographs is worth considering. But what really makes this book so useful to hunters? A lot of things do, and the review below will expose you to some of the reasons why many consider this book to be an invaluable source of information for all manners of hunters.

The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game with Detail Features

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Equipment/Gear Recommendations

The equipment that you take along with you into the field is one of the most important things that determine how successful your hunting expedition ends up being. This book informs you on the necessary equipment or gear that should accompany your hunts and what you should leave behind. It tells you, among other things, the best weapons to use and the best clothing to wear to make your hunt more productive.

Hunting Strategies

The best hunters in the world employ the use of a variety of clever strategies for trapping and killing different types of animals. They also use different strategies for different weather conditions and different kinds of terrain. This book sheds light on the best hunting strategies ranging from basic to advanced. Some of the most relevant hunting strategies the guide focuses on include backpack hunting, ambush hunting, spot-and-stalk hunting, drive hunting, and still hunting. To have a successful hunt, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with some of these excellent hunting strategies, which the book does a yeoman job explaining.

How to effectively use hunting Decoys and Calls

Many hunters go out and purchase game decoys and calls, but unfortunately are unable to utilize them or get the best out of them during a hunt. The information in this book will expose to readers some of the common mistakes that hunters make when using decoys and callers while at the same time offering readers with the solutions to avoid making those mistakes. Also, it lets you know when, how, and where to use decoys and calls in order to successfully lure big-game animals in and kill them.

Finding Hunting Locations

A major challenge faced by many hunters is the problem of finding good hunting locations. Knowing this, the author tries to offer a solution to this problem by taking his time to teach the reader how to go about scouting for favorable hunting locations in both publicly and privately owned lands. In addition to that, the author also devotes a good deal of time showing the reader the best ways to locate areas that aren’t being used by other hunters in order to increase their likelihood of enjoying success during their hunts.

How to butcher and cook wild Game

Aside hunting, the book also teaches its readers how to go about properly butchering and cooking wild game, which we think is very important knowledge for every hunter. The information shows you how to properly break down all kinds of big-game animals and transport the meat from the hunting site all the way to your freezer in a very safe manner. It also shows you some awesome outdoor and indoor cooking techniques as well as recipes to transform your wild game into a finger-licking meal.

Over 400 Full-Color Photographs

In addition to the highly informative texts of the book, there are also over 400 full-color pictures, including photographs from John Hafner, who is one of the world’s most prominent outdoor photographers. These images, which are totally attention grabbing, not only help in better communicating some of the texts in the book, but also make it more entertaining to read.

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The book is well-written, highly informative, entertaining, and contains the following:

  • Recommendations on the best hunting gear and equipment.
  • Information on various effective hunting tactics and strategies.
  • How to find private and public hunting locations.
  • How to use game calls and decoys effectively.
  • How to procure hunting tags.
  • Instructions on how to transport your meat from the kill site to the freezer.
  • How to properly butcher and cook your meat.
  • Advice on backcountry hunts.
  • All the relevant information on 14 big-game animals and the most useful hunting techniques for each of these animals.
  • Hundreds of full-color photographs, including photographs taken by one of the world’s most prominent outdoor photographers John Hafner.


  • Some customers have complained of the book’s binding not being the best since.
  • A number of very experienced hunters claim the book caters more to new hunters than it does to experienced ones.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is the author of this book?

A. The book is authored by renowned outdoorsman and writer Steven Rinella, who has over the years written a number of bestselling hunting books. In addition to being famed for his work as a writer, Rinella is also known for hosting the award-winning American non-fiction hunting TV series MeatEater.

Q. Who are the publishers of this book?

A. The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game is published by Spiegel & Grau, which is a publishing imprint of Random House (now Penguin Random House).

Q. Is this a paperback or a hardback book?

A. It is a paperback book.

Final Verdict

Having taken our time to properly go through this bestselling book, we can confidently say that it contains a great deal of valuable and very useful information about hunting that many hunters would find useful. It doesn’t matter whether you have just started hunting or have been hunting your entire life, it is highly likely you’d gain some relevant knowledge about hunting and the outdoors from this book owing to the great wealth of information it is loaded with. All in all, The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game is both an entertaining and very informative read. If you end up falling in love with this bestselling book, then you might also want to consider purchasing its second volume: The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl.

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