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ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack-Realtree Xtra HD Review

Just like using the wrong pair of boots can totally ruin your hunting expedition, so also can using the wrong hunting backpack ruin your hunting trip. It therefore goes without saying that it is imperative that every hunter settle for nothing less than a good hunting pack. One of the best rated hunting packs currently on the market is the ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack. The Falcon is equipped with several important features that would be useful to every hunter when he or she is out in the field. Some of these features include the following:  comfortable padded shoulder straps, a vented back panel, a padded waist belt with pockets, a front lashing system, a dropdown weapon carrying pocket, and a dual directional frame that supports heavy loads. In the ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack-Realtree Xtra HD review below, we shall delve deeper into some of the just-mentioned features of the Falcon and see why it is one of the best rated hunting packs on the market.

ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack-Realtree Xtra HD with Detail Features

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Vented Back For Air Flow

Every good hunting backpack must be equipped with a good vented back panel in order to ensure proper air flow. And being a very good hunting pack, the Flacon comes with a very brilliant vented back panel. This brilliant air flow back system is not only important for keeping the wearer free of perspiration but it is also important for keeping him or her cool and comfortable – especially during very long walks.

Hydration System Compatible

Because of how extremely important hydration is, the manufacturers of the Falcon equipped the pack with one of the best hydration systems available. The hydration system that the Falconcomes with provides the wearer with an excellent hydration pocket and port, which allows him or her to comfortably drink water hands free.

Excellent Weapon Carrying System

The manufacturers of the Falcon equipped the pack with one of the best weapon carrying systems in the hunting pack industry. The Falcon comes with a dropdown weapon pocket that securely carries your gun or bow. The pocket holds the bow or gun in such a comfortable and secure manner that it frees up both of your hands so that you can use them for other activities such as climbing a tree stand or glassing.

Front Lashing System

The Falcon comes with a very good front lashing system that helps you carry your gear and weapons even more securely and comfortably.

Dual Directional Frame

Another very important feature of the Falcon is its dual directional frame whose primary function is to support heavy loads. The frame is very effective in balancing the weight of heavy loads in the pack in order to reduce fatigue and discomfort.

Large Organization Pocket

Another neat feature of the Falcon backpack is its large organization pocket that allows the wearer to keep his or her gear better organized. Many hunters see this feature as one of the coolest features of the pack in the sense that it allows them to not only keep small equipment and accessories in place but also in order. This makes it very easy and convenient for the hunter to find these items whenever he or she needs them.

Padded Waist Belt

One important feature that every good hunting pack should have is a suitably padded waist belt, and being a very good backpack, the Falcon features a comfortably padded waist belt that effectively distributes the weight of the load of the pack. In addition to this important weight-distribution feature, the Falcon’s padded waist belt also comes with two pockets and a 2″ reinforced webbing. The primary function of the webbing on the belt is to securely and comfortably house your clip-style holsters – a job it does excellently.  The webbing is not only important for accommodating your pistol securely but it also keeps the weapon close at hand.

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  • It comes with an in-built rain cover.
  • It is hydration compatible and allows for hands free drinking.
  • It comes with a vented back panel that provides maximum air flow between the wearer’s back and the backpack, thereby preventing the wearer from getting sweaty.
  • It comes with excellently padded shoulder straps.
  • It is very spacious.
  • It comes with a large organizational pocket that allows you to better organize your gear.
  • It comes with a drop down weapon pocket that securely and comfortably carries your bow or gun.
  • Its dual directional frame supports the carrying of heavy loads.


  • The pack would have been better if some of the straps were made stronger.
  • Some find the small organizer pockets too deep for storing small gear.

ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack-Realtree Xtra HD Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Falcon Hunting Pack?

A. The pack is manufactured by ALPS OutdoorZ, an American based company famous for designing and manufacturing very quality hunting packs and gears since 2007.

Q. Does the Falcon come with a warranty?

A. Yes it does.  ALPS OutdoorZ warrants all their products against defects in workmanship or materials.

Q.  What colors can I get the Falcon hunting pack in?

A. You can get the pack in Realtree Xtra HD.

Q. What is the weight of the pack?

A. The Falcon has a total weight of 4 lbs. 7 oz.

Q. What is the total capacity of the Falcon?

A. 2500 in³ / 41L.

Q. Is the pack waterproof?

A. No it isn’t.

Q. Does it come with a rain cover?

A. Yes it does. When you purchase the Falcon, it comes along with a built-in blaze orange rain cover that fits perfectly over the pack and protects it from rain.

Q. Does the Falcon allow you to carry your bow and riffle hands free?

A. Yes it does.

Q. Is it hydration compatible?

A. Yes it is. It comes with a nice hydration pocket and port that allows for hands free drinking.

Q. Does the Falcon make your back sweaty when carrying it?

A. The Falcon comes with a brilliantly vented back which allows for maximum airflow, which prevents the wearer’s back from becoming very sweaty.

Q. Is the Falcon a good overnight backpack?

A. With 2500 cubic inches of storage, the Falcon has ample room that ultralight packers will find very useful for brief overnights.

Q. Does the pack provide a place to store my clip-style holsters?

A. Yes it does. The Falcon’s padded waist belt comes with an excellent 2″ reinforced webbing that comfortably and securely accommodates your clip-style holsters.

Final Verdict

The ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack review above shows a whole of important features that are hard to find in similar hunting backpacks. Having seen the attributes, the pros and cons of the Falcon as well as sample customer FAQs, we hope that at this point you are armed with all the relevant information about the Falcon to decide for yourself whether the pack fits the bill or not.

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