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Foxpro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy for Caller FOXJACK3 Review

There are several electronic predator hunting decoys on the market that are renowned for their effectiveness in drawing in predators, and one such electronic decoy is the FOXPRO FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy. With important features such as a whisper quiet motor, a prey tropper with realistic traits and LED light for use at nighttime, the excellently rated FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator Hunting Decoy combines forces with the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Digital Game Call to create one of the most effective and finest all-in-one predator calling systems that is capable of attracting predators from faraway distances. The system works this way: While your SHOCKWAVE caller draws the predators’ attention with its high quality sounds, the FoxJack Decoy gives the much needed visual attraction that will easily draw in the predators like metal to magnet. If you are ready to know more about this very effective electronic decoy device, then read more about its features in the Foxpro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy for Caller FOXJACK3 review below.

Foxpro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy for Caller FOXJACK3 with Detail Features

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Predator-Enticing Prey Tropper

The FoxJack Decoy comes with an excellent prey-enticing bird tropper (that resembles a woodpecker) whose motion and appearance make it appear so realistic that predators that spot it are quickly drawn in. The realistic nature and movement of the bird topper is capable of holding the full attention of the predator therefore increasing your chances of a quick and clean shot. This is undoubtedly one of the features that make this decoy very effective.

LED Light for Visibility at Night

One of the most remarkable features of the FoxJack 3 Decoy that separates it from other electronic predator decoys out there is its LED light. Why is the LED light very important? It is important in the sense that it allows the FoxJack 3 Decoy to be used during the nighttime or when the atmosphere isn’t very bright.  This is surely great news for predator hunters who love to hunt at night. The LED light illuminates the prey tropper at night, thereby making it visible enough to be seen by predators (game) from far distances and lure them in. One of the most important features of a good decoy is that it should by highly visible to predators so as to easily draw them in, and this is exactly what the FoxJack Decoy offers.

Whisper Quiet Motor

Another neat feature of the FoxJack 3 Decoy that makes it an envy of similar electronic predator decoys out there is its whisper quiet motor. This quiet motor brilliantly drives the bird tropper in such a manner that it gives it a lifelike movement that makes it irresistible to predators. In addition to this, the motor is also devoid of unnecessary noise, which makes it the more effective in tricking predators and holding their full attention for you to shoot them easily.

Lightweight and Portable

Some decoys are heavy whereas others are light. The FoxJack 3 Decoy belongs to the latter category of decoys. The light and compact nature of this decoy makes carrying it in your backpack from one hunting location to another quite convenient in the sense that it does not add a very significant weight to your backpack.

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  • It attaches excellently to the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Digital Game Call to create a very effective predator calling machine.
  • It comes with a very quiet motor.
  • Thanks to its LED light that illuminates the topper, it can be used conveniently during the nighttime.
  • It can be controlled remotely using your FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Digital Game Call remote.
  • It is very effective in drawing in predators and is a great addition to the SHOCKWAVE.
  • It is very easy to install and use.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It is durable.
  • It comes with a warranty.


  • Despite being a very effective decoy, some customers find the price to be a little bit high.
  • Although it is lightweight and compact, it still is not a standalone decoy and therefore means it must always be used with the SHOCKWAVE electronic caller. This means you are going to have a lot more to pack during your hunting expedition.

Foxpro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator 3D Hunting Decoy for Caller FOXJACK3 Presentation Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the FoxJack 3 electronic decoy?

A. The FoxJack 3 electronic decoy is manufactured by FOXPRO®, Inc., an American company who have over the years made a name for themselves manufacturing high performance digital game calls and quality hunting equipments.

Q. Does the FoxJack 3 electronic decoy come with a warranty?

A. Yes it does! FOXPRO backs the decoy with a 90-day limited warranty.

Q. In which country is the product made?

A. The decoy is made in the U.S.A.

Q. Can the FoxJack 3 Decoy be controlled remotely?

A. Yes it can. You can easily control the decoy remotely with the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Game Call’s remote’s auxiliary button.  You can use this remote to easily turn the decoy on and off.

Q. Does it come with a remote?

A. No. A remote is not included in the purchase.

Q. According to the manufacturers, it attaches very conveniently to the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Game Call. But does it come with the SHOCKWAVE?

A. It indeed attaches very conveniently and excellently to the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE Game Call. However, the SHOCKWAVE is not included in the package; it is sold separately.

Q. How many troppers does it come with?

A. It comes with a bird tropper that looks pretty similar to a woodpecker.

Q. How do I connect the Foxjack 3 Decoy to the SHOCKWAVE?

A. Connecting the Foxjack 3 Decoy to the SHOCKWAVE is very simple. All you need to do is replace the SHOCKWAVE’s existing battery door with the decoy. Then connect the decoy’s power connector to the SHOCKWAVE. That’s all you need to do and you are ready to go!

Q. What types of predators can this decoy draw in?

A. The Foxjack 3 Decoy has the ability to attract all manners of predators (game) you can think of.

Q. Can I use the FoxJack 3 Decoy in very cold weather?

A. Yes this decoy works in very cold temperatures. This is means you can use it during the winter.

Q. Does it run on its own batteries?

A. The FoxJack Decoy is powered by the batteries of the SHOCKWAVE Caller.

Final Verdict

If you are a predator hunter or you want to get very serious about predator hunting, then one of the best decoys you can go in for is the FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator Decoy. It comes with several useful features that combine very well with the realistic sounds of the renowned FoxPro SHOCKWAVE Digital Game Call to effectively draw in predators like nobody’s business.

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