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Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick, 24 – 62-Inch Review

Are you looking for a shooting tripod that not only provides you with a stable shooting position and that is portable enough to be carried on your hunting expeditions? If yes, then one good shooting tripod worth considering is the Primos Trigger Stick from Primos Hunting.

Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick, 24 – 62-Inch  with Detail Features

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The Trigger Stick, which comes with very important features such as a fluid handle movement, 7075 aluminum legs and a wrist wrap, is one of the most sought-after shooting tripods on the market thanks to its user friendly nature and its ability to steady your weapon in order to allow for precision shooting in any kind of terrain you can think of. Some of the most important and useful features of the Trigger Stick include the following:

Easily Adjustable

The Trigger Stick is so easy to adjust that with the pull of a simple trigger, you can adjust it to any height of your choice ranging from 24 inches all the way to 62 inches. And having adjusted it to your desired height, all you need to do to ensure that you keep that height is to lock the trigger by just flipping the switch. The highly adjustable nature of this device gives you the ability to use it in a standing or kneeling position.


The Trigger Stick comes with a 360 degree rotating V yoke that is removable. The primary function of the V-Yoke is to keep you on target.

Compatible with other Mountable Devices

Besides guns, you can also mount other devices such as cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes and several other mono pod mountable devices on this tripod. All you need to do to use the Trigger Stick is to remove the easily detachable V-Yoke in order to create room for placing any of these just-mentioned devices.

Fits Threaded Fixtures for Optical Devices

The Trigger Stick has the ability to fit 1/4”-20 & 3/8” -16 threaded fixtures. Why is this feature important? It is important because it allows the Trigger Stick secure optical devices.

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Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick, 24 – 62-Inch Presentation Video

Final Verdict

The Primos Trigger Stick is certainly one of the best shooting tripods on the market that can help you surmount the challenge of getting a stable shooting position in the field. Having said all these good things about the Trigger Stick, it is imperative that readers know that just like any other product, the Trigger Stick also comes with a number of minor downsides. For example, some customers complain about the trigger mechanism being erratic sometimes. Also, the product tends to be pretty heavy. But all in all, the advantages of owning the Trigger Stick far outweigh the disadvantages.

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