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Maxpedition Condor-II Backpack Review

Hunting and hiking can be one’s profession, but they can also be an occasional activity. While having a heavy-duty backpack is a must for professionals and enthusiasts, it doesn’t matter that much if one is going on hunting or hiking trips for a few hours once per week or month. This backpack is made for multipurpose use and thus has a great user base spanning from everyday users who use it on a daily basis for domestic activities and also occasional users who use it for small outdoor trips. This Maxpedition Condor-II Backpack Review will allow people to decide if this backpack is the right one for them.

Maxpedition Condor-II Backpack Review with Detail Features

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Design Factor

This compactly designed backpack is available in six colors: black, khaki, foliage green, green, dark brown, wolf grey. This pack is designed to be tough and durable without compromising style. It is perfect for a multitude of occasions including normal daily life activities such as school, work and even short hiking and hunting trips. Though it does not look like much from the outside, it has high capacity storage including straps for attaching gear and more accessories as needed.

High Capacity

The Maxpedition Condor-II backpack excels in storage capacity when it comes to products in a similar price range. This backpack flaunts a height of 17.5 inches, a width of 14 inches and a depth of 6.5 inches with a staggering 2150 cubic inches of storage, and additionally a compartment for a 3 liter hydration pack. Moreover, having this kind of storage ability adds to the multipurpose use of the backpack in many situations. Perfect for daily use, this can also serve as a companion for one’s occasional outdoor sport activities.

Tough and Durable

When it comes to outdoor activities, toughness and durability are two of the most important features to look for while choosing any backpack. Regular daily use backpacks rely on comfort more that toughness since companies assume that normal backpacks are not used in outdoor activities. For many people, having one backpack for all situations becomes a huge time and stress saver. This is where the Maxpedition Condor-II backpack performs as expected. Made with 1000 “denier” nylon with nylon webbing throughout the product, this is as tough as it gets. The pack also has teflon coating which contributes to it being waterproof.

Compression Straps

On outdoor trips, many factors are counted when it comes to the comfort of carrying a backpack. One of the most important features is compression straps. While a backpack can be stuffed with items, it can swell up which can add to the discomfort of carrying it. The compression straps squeeze the pack from the sides to make sure that the total dimensions are within controllable limits. The lateral compression straps provided in the Maxpedition Condor-II provide an advantage.

Lots of Attachments Available

The Maxpedition Condor-II backpack is multipurpose, which is another reason users expect more from it. The Maxpedition has a number of attachments available which can be bought separately to further increase its abilities. The list of attachments includes but is not limited to : PALS which can be easily used to attach “MOLLE” and “ALICE” equipment, a pocket pouch, bottle holders and map packs, etc. These are a good option since sometimes inbuilt attachments add unnecessary weight.

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  • Durable quality owing to 1000 denier nylon with nylon webbing for added strength.
  • This backpack is waterproof.
  • It is lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes including sports and domestic activities.


  • Shoulder straps and back are not padded, hence it can be uncomfortable while carrying heavy loads.
  • This can be used for short hunting or hiking trips but not for professional trips which demand more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q)Does it come with MOLLE attachments?

A) Yes, this backpack comes with “ladders” for attaching MOLLE equipment.

Q) What is the volume of this backpack?

A) The volume of this backpack is around 32 liters.

Q) Does the backpack have adjustable straps?

A) Yes, the straps are completely adjustable and fit most people with ease.

Final Verdict

Though this Maxpedition Condor-II Review shows that it is a multipurpose backpack, most people may think that it is not suitable for carrying out short hunting trips. This backpack is extremely durable, though one makes some sacrifices to comfort when carrying a lot of gear. This backpack can be fully stuffed with all the necessary items, since it is a top loading pack and can be stuffed full. If one is looking for a rugged use bag for daily activities, this may be one of the best backpack choices out there according to its features and cost.

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